Friday, 12 April 2013

My Musical Diary LVII

Hello guys, the newest Diary is here. Sadly it's also the last music Diary for quite a while. I really need to concentrate on working on my thesis now but I do hope to resume writing these when my studies are over. I also plan on writing a film diary once in a while, so that's something you can look forward to (I guess?). Anyway, without further ado I give you the 57th edition of My Musical Diary. Enjoy!

Kate Bush - Jig of Life

Kate Bush - Jig Of Life by goldrausch

Kate got her CBE yesterday. Very, very well deserved. For me, Kate is the greatest female musician/artist of all time. Nothing more needs to be said.

I understand the story of the Ninth Wave (the B side of Kate's 1985 masterpiece album Hounds of Love), to a certain degree I understand the concepts, including Zen philosophy that the songs include. But I still couldn't put into words how I personally interpret Jig of Life. From the music point of view I keep getting drawn to this particular song. It's hypnotic. And its use of Irish music motives is just very clever. This is not the sort of song you like on first listen...but once I personally got it, I haven't been able to let it go.

Just play this one at my funeral.

Shakira - Dónde Están Los Ladrones

Yep, I'm still on the Shakira wave. I've just been listening to her a lot lately. This is the title track from Shakira's 1998 album, which I already mentioned last week. And again, this song wasn't released as a single, just like last week's Si te vas. A testament of how good this album is. Though I have to agree that this song might not be single material. It's not primarily catchy, its strength lies in Shakira's vocal, which in parts of the song get very rock. Shakira isn't all yodel, her voice can be very steady and powerful when it's needed.

INXS - Original Sin

I watched the recent BBC Nile Rodgers documentary two days ago and while I did know Nile has had a hand in many a hit I had no idea he actually produced this great INXS song. Of course now that I know I can hear the signature sounds...anyway, discovery of the century!

Cher - The Shoop Shoop Song

After about 20 years I was able to rewatch Mermaids on YouTube a few days ago - and this time was actually also able to get what the film was about, not being 5 or 6 any more. It was definitely an enjoyable experience. All of the main actresses, plus Danny DeVito were great and the film was not nearly as silly as I expected it to be. I was shocked to learn the little girl in the film was Christina Ricci but of course once I knew that information I couldn't believe I actually didn't recognise her right from the start.

But I'll be honest with you, I pretty much watched this film because of Cher. When it comes to music I'm on greatest hits terms with her - I love her voice but apart from Heart of Stone I don't really own any other of her studio albums. I have however seen quite a few films with her, enough to know she's a pretty good actress (and she always looks gorgeous...I don't care how she does it!). In short, I just really like her and even if she starts looking like Amanda Lepore, I'll still like her for her singing and her acting. However...The Shoop Shoop song was such a big part of my childhood, it was always on the radio, always, so as a result I managed to develop quite an allergy to this Cher's cover of the Betty Everett hit. The song is just wonderfully silly, and catchy....the recipe for a monster hit and a perfect torture tool.

Yet something happened when the credits for Mermaids started to roll...the song started but...I didn't hate it any more! I haven't listened to it in years, so I had no idea my allergy was gone and...pow! I actually love the song again!

Rufus Wainwright - Sanssouci 

I was in a Rufus mood a few days ago and when this song started playing it immediately transported me to Potsdam 4 years ago. I visited the beautiful park/garden (incl. the amazingly ugly little palace there...just my personal taste people, I just don't like stuff like that) and had a great time there. The garden is one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited, especially the whole ancient Roman-like part of it. A day does not pass by I don't want to magically teleport there and take a walk, for at least a few minutes. And this song reminds me of the great few hours I spent there, late summer of 2009. Sigh.....

Thank you all for reading. Before this Diary hopefully resumes in the autumn I will still keep this blog alive: a review here, a film diary do keep coming back. For now...

Love, Peace and Ringo! xxx

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