Friday, 1 March 2013

My Musical Diary LI

Happy Friday everyone and Happy March! New Diary is here and it features tons of really cool music. Please, dive in!

Roxy Music - Editions of You

As crazy genius rock songs go, it just doesn't get any better than this. I did discover Roxy because of Do The Strand (as performed on Musikladen in spring 1973) but the same '73 TV session included more songs and one of them is Editions of You, which also appears on Roxy's second album For Your Pleasure. The studio version of this song is already pretty genius. Smart as much as it is entertaining. But this particular live version features even more crazy, in the form of the guys' outfits, Bryan's on stage moves and most importantly Brian Eno's fabulous and amusing antics. And therefore whenever this song plays I think back to this performance and I have to grin.

So love me, leave me. do what you will
Who knows what tomorrow might bring?
Learn from your mistakes is my only advice
And stay cool is still the main rule
Don't play yourself for a fool
Too much cheesecake too soon
Old money's better than new
No mention in the latest Tribune
And don't let this happen to you.

Gabriel Bruce - Car's Not Leaving

My newest discovery from a few days ago, thanks to my Twitter pal Daisy (who has a pretty cool music blog). This guy's voice is amazing. That was the first thing that truck me about him. But the songs I've listened to are really flippin' good too! It's like the best bits of Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Joy Division, and Patrick Wolf merged and decided to become a singer. I'm definitely getting his debut album (which should come out in May).

Check out his YouTube channel & Soundcloud for more music.

Pet Shop Boys - Ego Music

Pet Shop Boys - Ego Music (Elysium 2012) - MyVideo

Oh how I love when the Pet Shop Boys make fun of artists and celebrities (and to a certain degree themselves). Ego Music from their newest album (which I reviewed here when it came out) follows in the footsteps of How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously and Flamboyant, but it's even more funny - and spot on. I ended up listening to this song quite a bit last week (inspired by the latest edition of PSB fanclub's magazine Literally) and it never fails to make me full on laugh out loud.

There's a real purity
to my work
A childish innocence
But I'm also smart and sophisticated
I mean I grew up on the street
Sometimes I think I'm a simple folksinger
other times a scary witch diva
What can I tell you?
I'm an artist

And of course I've always had
the humanitarian vision
I think every one knows that
My commitment is
to my career
and then giving something back

Patrick Wolf - Overture

Last year Patrick released an album of acoustic re-workings of his songs, called Sundark and Riverlight, and this year he's touring it. I had the pleasure of going to one of this acoustic concerts here in Prague last night, and even though the concert was cut a bit short because of technical stuff, the music was absolutely magical. Even though I started listening to Patrick in a period of his career which was more Soft Cell and Bowie (and witnessed him playing two very lively shows, screaming female fans and all), it seems to me that the acoustic folk troubadour is where Patrick's strength lies. This part of him has always been in his music but stripped down it shines and dominates. It makes the songwriter, great musician and singer that Patrick is, show himself completely and thrive. I'm not sure I realised fully what a great lyricist Patrick was until this era came along. I'm excited for what the next album will bring.

If you like the above song, do get the whole acoustic album. You'll love it.

The Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane

I do not think this is one of the very very best songs Lou Reed's ever had a hand in writing but it sure is cool as hell. The rhythm which works so well when you're travelling or just walking down the street, the slightly rambling lyrics... Sweet Jane popped up in my head this morning and refused to leave. Standin' on the corner, suitcase in my haaaand and I knew this day would be quite alright.

and me I'm in a rock 'n' roll band

Video bonus aka the David Bowie Bonus:

David Bowie - The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

DB has released a new single from his upcoming album The Next Day (which comes out in 10 days) and he's also revealed a video for it. And boy, what a video it is! It is so good the song pales in comparison - and that's why I didn't include it above but rather in my bonus section. The Next Day is now streaming on iTunes and I'm sure I'll write something about the album sooner or later, so I won't talk about the song here any further. In the video our dear Mr. Jones co-stars with none other than my wife Tilda Swinton (who's really lucking out recently - collaborating with my husband Tom Hiddleston in Jim Jarmusch's next film of all things!), and it also features a very famous name in the world of fashion, male but very much androgynous model Andrej Pejić. The video sets up an elaborate allegory of what Bowie is trying to put across in his song, there's a lot of references to his earlier work etc. etc. But even if you don't care to go any deeper it will leave you satisfied because it simply looks just really good. It's pretty to look at. Success on all counts.

And did I mention my wife's in it? Playing Bowie's wife? Yeah.

Thanks for reading guys, do come back and share or comment if you want to. Till next week...

Love, Peace and Ringo! xxx

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