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My Musical Diary XLVII

New Diary is here! I was sadly sick last week but I'm back up again, and writing. Hope you'll enjoy the fruits of my labour and even discover some cool music here this week. ;)

REM - Recovering My Religion (Losing My Religion, major scaled)

Major Scaled #2 : REM - "Recovering My Religion" from major scaled on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago I discovered this Vevo account which features songs that were originally minor scaled reworked in a major scale. I think this REM one is my favourite (the Doors one is worth it for the hilarity, and the Metallica one is just so very pretty), because Recovering still works really well. It's kind of melancholy euphoria captured in a song. The guy who sings this is dancing on a roof but as the song ends, he's going to jump off it. That's what I hear in this major scale version. In a way, it's more deep, depressing and desperate than the original version in minor, to my ears anyway.

Bob Dylan/Bryan Ferry - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright

Don't Think Twice It's Alright [Bob Dylan 1962] from Dan Pick on Vimeo.

Originally released in 1963 on Bob Dylan's second album, this is one of his oldest songs. I haven't been able to find my way to Dylan quite yet, but I do love many of his songs and definitely respect his song writing skills (and his original way of singing). It kind of amazes me he wrote such a complete song at such a young age. No wonder The Beatles were shamed into writing better lyrics once they heard Dylan's work.

Dylan's Don't Think is is a bitchy lover scorned:

Goodbye is too good a word, babe
So I just say fare thee well

I ain't a-sayin' you treated me unkind
You could have done better but I don't mind
You just kinda wasted my precious time
so don't think twice, it's all right

But the song translates so well further in time, beyond the end of a young love affair. Bryan Ferry (the biggest Dylan fanboy in the world) covered this song on his 2002 album Frantic and his version is definitely a melancholy gentleman in his mid-50's through and through. Is it a coincidence Bryan decided to record this song on the first album he released after his 20 year long marriage ended? Could be. Or this context could also add another layer to this song's lyrics. 20 years is a lot. It is an actual precious time. But you know, whatever. This is behind us, let's move on. Don't think twice, it's all right.

Many artists have covered this song, I'm sure. A honorary mention - check out Johnny Cash's version.

Robbie Williams - Lola

Right. So my favourite version of this famous Kinks song is by Robbie, which he recorded in 2007 for an album celebrating Radio 1's 40th birthday. Gasp! Heathen! The Kinks' version is kind of tinny in comparison, and I just prefer the fullness of Robbie's vocal and the ballsiness of his band. But I'll be eternally grateful to The Kinks for writing this one (and obviously, Robbie's version doesn't deviate from the original much, it only rocks more). Does a better song about a transvestite and naive youth exist? Don't think so. The story behind it is quite funny too. Male or female. Too drunk to give fuck, yo.

Keith Urban - Put You In A Song

A bit of country. Well, this is kind of a fun rock song, really.

Nicole Kidman's cute hubby is working his Australian charms over on American Idol and together with Nicki Minaj he manages to make the ageing singing competition quite fun. The man clearly loves music, has endless positive energy and quick wit, and likes to show off his amazing tattooed chest. He lets us peak. Yum.

It was the charm and the "heavage" that made me check out Keith's music and I have to say I quite like what I've heard so far. You can totally put me in your song, babe. And close to your chest. I'm 5'3'', you wouldn't look like a midget next to me. Just sayin'.

Adam Lambert - Shady

Adam turned 31 a few days ago and apparently got a lap dance from Courtney Cox's ex. Well good for him. I'm going to celebrate Adam's birthday with his own sanging (not a typo).
Adam and Sam Sparro, an Australian electropop singer-songwriter/producer (check out Sam's Black and Gold!) wrote a song together, called Shady and they asked Nile Rodgers, the legendary David Bowie and Madonna collaborator, to play guitar on it. The collaboration appeared on Adam's second studio album called Trespassing (which came out last year) but the trio never got to perform this song live together, until last night. Below there's a video of the historic occasion and here is some info about it.

Video Bonus:

Robbie Williams - Be A Boy

One of my favourite songs on Robbie's latest album, Be A Boy is the third official single representing it. I don't think this song has any chance to be a big hit like the amazingly silly Candy, but it's cool that such an understated song gets to be a single and get its own (not a terribly inventive, but nice) video. Enjoy.

Robbie Williams - Losers

This video completely passed me by when it was released last month. Now this one is very original. And if you check out the comments you'll find most of them are from my country - why? Stay till the end of the video. Well, stay for the end of it anyway. Shocking revelation awaits you.

Japanese Bryan Ferry interview, 1995

Because if there's one thing I've learned in life so far, it's that there's never enough of Bryan Ferry. And I discovered this short gem on YouTube a few days ago and thought I'd share: Bryan in conversation with a Japanese music icon Yukihiro Takahashi. Too bad I have no idea what Yukihiro is saying. Bryan looks hawt though, and that's all that matters.

Thanks for reading guys.
Now I've got questions for you: would you recommend another cover version of Don't Think Twice? What are your favourite musical collaborations? And do you prefer the major scaled version of Losing My Religion to the original?
Tell me below!

And until next time let me wish you

Love, Peace and Ringo! x

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