Friday, 4 January 2013

My Musical Diary XLIV

The first Diary of 2013 is here!

Iggy Pop - Livin' On The Edge Of The Night

I listened to this one a lot during Christmas. It's a pretty basic early 90's kind of rock song but while I must have had listened to it before, all of a sudden it just jumped out at me right before Christmas and I fell in love with it. Iggy is in a very, very fine voice here and even though he didn't write the song, he definitely sells its sentiment very well. You can find Livin' as the closing track on Iggy's 1990 album Brick by Brick and, interestingly, before the album even came out it appeared on the soundtrack to Black Rain, a Ridley Scott-directed film starring Michael Douglas.

No Doubt - Looking Hot

Being a fan of No Doubt during the Rock Steady period I initially didn't think much of this song. It was too current pop for a No Doubt single but not current pop enough for a solo Gwen Stefani single, so I just let the song pass me by. But a few days ago I finally got around to checking out songs on Popjustice's list of top 45 singles of 2012, and I gave Looking Hot another shot. And this time I got hooked. I can tell you this song is brilliant for shopping.

Lana Del Rey - National Anthem (Demo)

National Anthem is not one of my very favourite Lana songs but thanks to the aforementioned Popjustice list I discovered this demo. I like this demo a lot. But then I tend to like demos, since they are rougher. And I do like my amazing melodies roughed up a bit...

Franz Ferdinand - Katherine Kiss Me

Late last night I realised I hadn't listened to Franz Ferdinand for way toooo long. Which is sad since I even used to be in their official fan club (and I loved my time there...I even won rare vinyl stuff...woooo!). I love Franz's third album and this closing track is the perfect thing to listen to at 11 PM (take it from me, I did it just last night). Hoping for a new album by this band this year...hoping I'm not hoping in vain.

Marina and the Diamonds - Power & Control

Marina released her second album Electra Heart in spring last year, but it took me until yesterday to actually get it's obviously not bad at all. I'm currently obsessed with this song, especially by the tinkling in the background. The tinkling beat. Can't get enough of it. Makes the song sound sinister, in the best way possible. I wish the single had been a bigger hit than it was (but who cares, the album got to no. 1 & Primadonna did pretty well).

Thanks for reading. Share and comment if you wish and till next week...

Peace, Love and Ringo! x

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