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My Musical Diary XLIII - The Xmas Edition

This week's Diary is a bit of a hybrid. Three "regular" songs, and since it's Xmas in just a few days, also five additional Xmas songs that I count among my favourites. Enjoy!

Hurts - The Road

Hurts have unleashed a new song on us (you can get it if you pre-order their upcoming 2nd album on iTunes) as well as new tour dates (I'm a proud owner of a ticket to its Prague gig) and everything's fine. Now, I'll have to wait for the whole album to see if everything really is fine, but The Road sure is pretty good. A dark, almost Nine Inch Nails-ish ditty, all moody and stuff. I like me some of that.

Stooshe - Betty Woz Gone

I was listening to one of my radios the other day (RIP radios...this service will no longer be available for my country and countless others. booo!) and this song came on. Now, it's not usually what I listen to but for some reason this song just entertains me. I got a listen to this girlband's other songs but I didn't find them half as interesting as this one.

Nancy Sinatra - You Only Live Twice

On Wednesday I finally saw a Bond film in the cinema, the recent one, of course - Skyfall - and I really really liked it. A Bond film with a story! Come again? I came home and felt like listening to Bond theme songs, so I got myself and album and had a bit of Bond listening spree.
Now, many Bond songs are just great pieces of pop. Timeless, beautiful. You Only Live Twice is lesser known than some others (even though the film is pretty good) but the strings motive was famously sampled into Robbie Williams's Millennium, and actually I would count this song among the very best Bond songs.

The Xmas section: my 5 favorite Xmas pop songs

These days I'm not exactly big on Christmas. I don't particularly hate it, I just don't get very excited about it. I also don't listen to Christmas songs at Christmas time much...I tend to listen to the truly good ones any other time throughout the year, but on Christmas, it just gets all too much. Still, what other time should I make a list of my favourite Xmas pop songs on my dear blog, but just now. So, here it goes:

The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song

This is a lesser known but a charming Christmas pop song, that I tend to return to every year even though I don't really listen to the band's "regular" songs.

The Pogues - A Fairytale of New York

Best Christmas song ever? There's just no way I would not feature this gem here.

The Killers - A Great Big Sled

The The Killers are releasing a Christmas single every year, and since they generally are a good band, also most of their Xmas songs are pretty good. That made my job here pretty hard, since I obviously only could choose one of their songs. Now, Joseph, Better You Than Me is probably my favourite of their Christmas releases, but the song itself works well outside of the Christmas context and I personally don't file it under "Christmas Songs" as such, so I decided to choose the Christmassiest one - A Great Big Sled. While lyrically it's still quirky and a wee bit dark, the very first of The Killers' Christmas singles also sounds the most like a Christmas song - in the best possible way. It sounds like a big shiny Las Vegas Christmas tree which is a bit sad since it sits all alone in the middle of a desert.

I want to roll around like a kid in the snow,
I want to re-learn what I already know,
Just let me take flight,
Dressed in red, through the night,
On a great big sled.

Pet Shop Boys - It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas

Let's face it, this is a brilliant Christmas song. Just the lyrics alone are worth framing on the wall and displaying every December.

Christmas is not all it's cracked up to be
Families fighting around a plastic tree
Nothing on the TV that you'd want to see
And it's hardly ever snowing the way it's meant to be
Like in white Christmas year after year

Bing Crosby! Bing Crosby! Are you listening to me?!?!?!

(By the way, it's supposed to be very warm and non-snowy here on Christmas so I guess this song will be my anthem this Xmas time.)

Robert Downey Jr. - River

It was gonna be a tie between Elton's Step Into Christmas and Marc Almond's Christmas in Vegas but I had to give the last place on my list to this Robert's wonderful cover of a Joni Mitchell song. I first discovered it thanks to Ally McBeal and (over) a decade later I still think it's great.

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Video bonus:

The Killers - Here With Me

Another week, another brand new Killer music video. This one was directed by Tim Burton and it's therefore sufficiently creepy. Winona Ryder and Craig Roberts star.

Marc Bolan & T. Rex, Elton John, and Ringo Starr - Children of the Revolution

And here's something I randomly stumbled upon on Youtube. A video of Elton John and Ringo Starr jamming with T. Rex on the band's famous song Children of the Revolution. Contains Marc Bolan in a piano (for some reason).

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