Friday, 14 December 2012

My Musical Diary XLII

Another week has passed, and so I present my version of it to you in the form of another five songs... Geronimo!

Dusty Springfield - In the Middle of Nowhere

Dusty could sing a great torch song but after listening to a best of of hers this week I decided to choose this lesser known upbeat rocking song. I remember being once quite lost, somewhere in Prague, when this song came on on my oldschool discman my utter amusement. The above video includes a hot live version of ...Nowhere, since I couldn't find the version my best of CD features, and which is IMO superior to the regular version.

Bryan Ferry - Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever

On Monday I had the need to listen to this song over and over. Not quite sure why. I actually had not known it before I bought Bryan's These Foolish Things album a few years ago and so I had no idea it was co-written by Stevie Wonder. Well, he did a great job, writing this one, but it's definitely Bryan's delivery that makes this song for me. It's so idiosyncratic, as most of Bryan's early records, but it works, even for this pop-soul ditty. And the band is just hot in this song...even if the arrangement is based on the original record by the Four Tops, the cover just has...bigger balls, to put it simply.

Bear McCreary/Jimi Hendrix/Bob Dylan - All Along the Watchtower

I'm a geek. Bute even though I was really into space and had SF leanings since childhood I only got really into sci-fi in my early twenties, and I've been catching up on SF series and films for the past few years. I'm currently hooked on the noughties' Battlestar Galactica (if anyone's interested: I'd shag Tory, Starbuck and Baltar) and a few days ago I finished the third series. And the third series finale featured this Bob Dylan-penned song quite prominently. BSG's score creator even made his own version of ...Watchtower and had his brother sing it. This version is definitely interesting, even if I prefer either Dylan's original version, or the most famous version by Jimi Hendrix. I'm including them all here, in chronological order - for comparison and for fun. And, if anyone's interested in Bryan Ferry's version which came out on his album Dylanesque, you can listen to it here.

Juliet Simms - Wild Child

Together with Jamar Rogers, Juliet was my favourite contestant on the otherwise kind of unfortunate second season of the US Voice. This woman rocks. Check out her amazing voice on her many covers available on iTunes. Not all of Juliet's fans are happy with this new single of hers. Some are not happy at all, some only hate the semi-rap parts - but I actually love this song. Been addicted to it for a few days and I wish it were available worldwide to buy, not just on the US iTunes. I don't mind it it being poppier than I expected. I might listen to a lot of weird, non-mainstream music, but I also love pop music. Besides, Juliet's voice is gritty and sexy enough to rock even this admittedly pop ditty. Also: Geronimo!

Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks

Well, that wasn't much of a jump, really. I'd heard Little Talks on the radio before but I only really noticed the song on The Voice this season when two contestant duetted on it on the show, while the band (OMAM) watched on. The song makes me want to check out the whole album...reminds me of early Arcade Fire a bit, as well as DeVotchKa, to which I used to listen to years ago.

video bonus:

The Killers - Miss Atomic Bomb video

After a tour video (of which I wrote a few weeks ago) the band has presented us with a half-animated video for Miss Atomic Bomb, as well. The video continues the story from Mr Brightside's video, even going as far as including some of the actors from that video. It's a really well done video, this. Unlike the song, which needs a few listens to become a love affair, the video connects immediately - and especially if you have seen Mr Brightside - and who hasn't. (Personally, Brightside is one of my favourite music videos. Full stop.)

Frank Sinatra appreciation

Frankie would have turned 97 on Wednesday, and so I definitely feel the need to remember him in visual form here. Sinatra was, obviously, not "just" a singer but a very fine actor as well. He played some serious roles, he acted in comedies and he featured in several fine musicals. High Society being probably my favourite of these - I already mentioned loving his duet with Celeste Holm, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, here some time ago. But Frank also duetted with another famous acting baritone in this film. Yep, with Bing Crosby. So here are the two wee men with big voices, giving laughs on Cole Porter's Well, Did You Evah:

And now kiss!

But Frank also gave an excellent performance as a Heroin addict in a 1955 film The Man With The Golden Arm, which you can watch here:

And let's not forget if it weren't for Frank's and the Rat Pack's involvement in 1960's Ocean's Eleven, there might have never been the remakes starring the less musical, more handsome and equally suave George Clooney:

And finally, I would have recommended you to watch a 1965 Frank Sinatra documentary, which used to be available online last year. Sadly it's been taken down since, so instead here's a younger documentary instead, and it's pretty good as well. Enjoy!

Thanks so much for reading. Subscribe, if you want, comment below if you want and - again, if you want - feel free to share this little post. Till next week...when I may or may not do a special Xmas edition....

Peace, Love and Ringo! x

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