Saturday, 17 November 2012

My Musical Diary XXXVIII

Musically, the past week existed for me in the name of Bryan Ferry & Lana Del Rey. So no surprise they appear in my top 5 songs this week. Here we go!

Bryan Ferry - These Foolish Things

Been listening to Bryan a lot this week - and coincidentally he has a new album out very soon - and since These Foolish Things is one of my favourite albums of his (this guy know how to cover someone else's song & often times even improve on it), I ended up listening to this song a few times. It then got completely stuck in my head for several days and I didn't really mind. He delivers it very, very well (I love the fact he uses an English accent, not a mid-Atlantic one). And looks hot while delivering it, too, as the above video shows...

Lana Del Rey - Bel Air

And from one unique vocalist with great looks we move on to the next one. Lana released The Paradise Edition of her debut album Born to Die this week and all of the new songs on it are really good. Bel Air though, is a special, eerie one. It could even be a Kate Bush song, it does have the Kate quality to it. The piano in the verses, the angelic vocals in the chorus... Amazing.

Little Mix - Going Nowhere

And here is my favourite new girlband. Their new album comes out on Monday (at least in the UK...I hope here soon as well) and one of songs on it was co-written by my dear Nicola Roberts. I can totally hear her in this song (esp. in the lyrics) but at the same time the production retains Little Mix's own throwback sound (whereas Nicola is more of a sonic visionary). A pretty good song. Looking forward to the album.

Michaela Paige/Neon Trees - Everybody Talks

I discovered this song last week thanks to one of my favourite contestants on The Voice US who, sadly and mindbogglingly, got eliminated too soon. Since I can't buy the contestants' versions of songs on iTunes, I at least bought the original. I feel kind of bad I didn't listen to this band before, because I knew about them thanks to The Killers who championed them a few years ago and who also had them as a support act on one of their tours. I don't like the band's frontman's voice as much as I like Michaela's but it's a good song either way.

Bryan Ferry - Sign of the Times

Bryan's own song, released in 1978. A response of sorts, to the punk rock movement (and probably also to Jerry Hall leaving him for Mick Jagger). I wonder what he was on when he wrote this one, and especially when he recorded the vocal. And it doesn't end there. The video is another big WTF. The beard, the eagle. What on earth?? But I love the absurdity of it all.

Thanks for reading guys........see ya next week! (Share & comment if you want etc.)

Peace, Love and Ringo! x

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