Friday, 23 November 2012

My Musical Diary XXXIX

Apart from Little Mix's debut album and a bit of Iggy & Lana I haven't been listening to much else this week. I did watch some interesting stuff though (this amazing Bowie tribute video for one) and the infamous Give My Regards to Broad Street, a Paul McCartney-written music film. Here we go then:

Little Mix - We Are Who We Are

Little Mix released their debut album this past Monday and I've been listening to it a lot. I do like most of it and hope to review it over the weekend here on my blog. We Are Who We Are was one of the instant stand-outs for's a nice piece of optimistic pop. My brain tells me it's not exactly the smartest thing ever written and recorded but my ears and heart don't care.

Paul McCartney - Eleanor's Dream

Finally got the chance to watch Give My Regards to Broad Street in full a few days ago and once I accepted it wasn't a proper film or a proper musical, I actually enjoyed quite a lot of it. My favourite part was Eleanor's Dream, featuring historical costumes and some nice score music which used elements from Eleanor Rigby. I'd seen bits of this sequence before and always thought the visuals were beautiful, the colours very painting-y, and was curious about the context of it in the film. Well, I'm none the wiser after seeing the film. But it looked and sounded pretty. Success.

The video that I chose here starts right with my favourite motif of this piece, which repeats throughout the whole sequence.

David Bowie - Space Oddity

Finally got to the release of Bowie's second album in my Any Day Now book and as everyone knows, Space Oddity was Bowie's first proper hit (reached no. 5 in November 1969) but I haven't given it my love here yet. Apart from Heathen's songs, Space Oddity was one of the first Bowie songs I ever heard a decade ago, while discovering his music for the first time. While I had to find my way to most of his other songs, I connected to this one right on the first listen. I understood its musical language and I immediately made up my own story on top of the song's. It was the first Bowie song that I truly loved.

The girl who grew up reading about Space and who later, once she already figured out she wouldn't become an astronaut because she was shitty at maths, spent many an evening reading Ray Bradbury's short stories, knew after she finished listening to Space Oddity for the first time, that Bowie was going to stay in her life. And he did.

Here's an earlier version of the song, recorded for the Love You Till Tuesday promotional film. The video is cute but I put it here because I have soft spot for this first version of Space Oddity. It's less fancy than the famous version but it features some nice vocal harmonies and a flute.

Iggy Pop - Dum Dum Boys

This song combines the industrial Berlin influences (and Bowie influences) with the hypnotic sound of The Stooges first record's We Will Fall. You look at the duration of the song and go...that's a bit too long! But the song grabs you and doesn't let you go until the very end. People like me don't need drugs, Iggy's enough.

Lana Del Rey - Gods and Monsters

In the land of gods and monsters, I was an angel,
Looking to get fucked hard.

Now, top these lyrics.

video bonus:

Robbie Williams - Different

I hate the song, more or less, but the video is quite good.

Thanks for reading and come back next week for more of my blabbings about my favourite songs.

Till then....

Love, Peace and Ringo! x

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