Friday, 12 October 2012

My Musical Diary XXXIII

The 33rd edition of my Diary turned out pretty rock. If this is not your first time seeing my blog you already know I have a very eclectic musical taste, so the homogeneity of the following entry might come as a surprise. But there you go. It was a week of hard work and hard music...

Garbage - Shut Your Mouth

And the world spins by 
With everybody moaning 
Pissing, bitching and everyone is shitting 
On their friends 
On their love 
On their oaths 
On their honor 
On their graves 
Out their mouths 
And their words say nothing 

I honestly don't remember why I decided to re-listen to the only Garbage album I own earlier this week. Probably some article I saw online? All I know is I couldn't believe the album's already 11 years old. Makes me feel truly ancient. (Mother today: The shop assistant was really cute, wasn't he. Too bad he was about 10 years younger than you! *** No way that guy was 15! Mum needs a sight check! Also to keep her mouth shut!) And indeed. This song is about people telling you stupid stuff and you wanting to punch them in the face and shut up. (I'm in no way implying my mum is stupid or that I wanna punch her. Not my old dear. In case she discovered this blog and ran it through Google Translate). I used to love this song - it's a brilliant opening track, and in fact it sounds even better now than when it came out. Why is the music scene, the rock scene in particular, so lackluster this autumn, anyway?

Green Day - Troublemaker

Green Day are a good case in point. But, I actually love this track. Apparently I'm supposed to hate it and all that, but actually I quite enjoy for once in a decade they are not singing about Bush. This is a straightforward sexy punk-rock(pop?) song. Catchy. Not pretending to be anything else.

The Rolling Stones - Doom and Gloom

And from a band that's about as old as me we move on to a band who is almost as old as my parents (nah....they wish they were that young!). I'm not a Stones fan (Beatlemaniac till the day I die) but this is a solid song..........riding on the Zeitgeist. A fresh, rocking 70's-sounding song. And the lyrics "baby dance with me" leave me with the image of Jagger and his hun David prancing around in the Dancing in the Street video, so all is well in the end.

Iggy Pop - Wild America

This song might have been featured in my diary already but 33 weeks into doing this I can no longer afford not to to repeat myself. I've been listening to this song quite a lot this week. To Iggy in general but to this song in particular, because it's one of Iggy's best. Ever.

They got all kinds of fuckin' stuff 
They got everything you could imagine 
They' re so God dammed spoiled 
They' re poisoned inside 
They judge a man by what he's got 
And they want to have more and more 
More power, more freedom 
Taller kids, longer lives 
Everything, bigger houses, slaves, woa

The guitar riff is AMAZING. Also whenever this song plays I imagine Iggy as a Dalek. Because the chorus features the word "exterminate" and I'm a mad Whovian who cried over a stupid Rory's Dad Gets To Know His Son Is Never Coming Back video a few hours ago.

The Police - Message in a Bottle (the voice, police)

The relationship between me and Sting is very complicated. I saw him in Ally McBeal and totally didn't get why the women were so ecstatic about him (he's ewww). I used to listen to his solo stuff. The album with the song about the rose and desert. I particularly like one song on it. Something about clock. I then started to hate him. Must have been at about the same time I stopped listening to U2 and avoiding Bono at all costs. I was over these prancers. Who needs them when you've got Bowie.

So as of now I haven't voluntarily listened to any of his stuff for years. I can only stomach his songs  when sung by someone else (Roxanne on Community, Roxanne on The Voice..) and it was thanks to The Voice US I re-discovered another of his ancient 70's songs: Message in a Bottle. De'Borah, one of my favourites on the show performed it together with another artist in the battle round and after repeated viewings got me hooked on this song all over again. So much passion and soul! Sting wouldn't be able to accumulate all that in a lifetime. He's called Sting after all.

Enjoy De'Borah's version below and forgive the guy singing with her, he must have been really nervous...

Video Bonus: 

Misha B. - Do You Think of Me video

I haven't written about this song earlier because while it is quite good, I'm just tired of this particular sound. Why does everything sound like that these days? Anyway, a video came out a few days ago and...I have to made me cry. It changes the meaning of the song and call me easily manipulated but it worked on me.

P!nk - Try video

P!nk used to be a gymnast and it shows - when you see her perform on tour or just here, interpreting her song through contemporary dance. Amazing.

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Till next week....

Love, Peace and Ringo!

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