Friday, 5 October 2012

My Musical Diary XXXII

October is here and so is the 32th edition of my musical diary. Without further ado...THE five songs of the past week are:

T. Rex - Cosmic Dancer

Listen to the studio version here.

Watch a live version below:

It would have been Marc Bolan's 65th birthday last I went back to the first Marc B. song I ever heard....Cosmic Dancer. Before Bowie or anyone else could introduce me to this artist, there was Billy Elliot. It's the very first song playing in the film if I'm not mistaken. I remember watching the film in the cinema on holiday with mum and wanting to jump and yell at the full theatre if anyone knew what was the name of the song and who sang it. The film then pulled me in and I forgot about it for a while. But the first time I heard this song is definitely unforgettable. I was listening to radio pop only at that was like eating Algida ice-cream and then tasting real Italian gelato. A glimpse of a whole new world.

Cosmic Dancer is such an uplifting but at the same time tragically sad song. Birth, death, reincarnation... No other T.Rex songs I know make me want to explore their discography as much as this one does. I hope I'll get around to it soon.

Shirley Bassey - Moonraker

James Bond's first film Dr No is turning 50 today, so even I couldn't resist this Bond fever and I did watch two Bond films last weekend. I was choosing by theme songs mainly. I finally watched Live and Let Die: Wings' excellent theme song is hands down the best thing about it (though I also quite like Roger Moore, mind you). Moonraker, the other Bond film I watched last weekend, fared much better. Perfect entertainment. And the theme song....I've been in love with it for years - and the fact it is less appreciated than equally amazing Diamonds Are Forever makes me love this song even more. Dame Shirley Bassey knows how to soar without using excessive vocal gymnastics (my biggest pet peeve with singers - that's why I listen to so few diva voiced female singers).

Since the theme song for the new Bond film, Skyfall, is not officially available yet* (check out the snippet here) I'll make only a little note about it here. It's not completely out of place because the new song seems to be a return to the Shirley era: Adele sounds amazing on it, pure class. From what I've heard of the song so far it should be the best Bond song since The World Is Not Enough (I LOVE thas one, mkay?).

Muse - Panic Station

Muse's newest album The 2nd Law was released a week ago & I've given some of the songs a few listens since. (Will a review happen at some point? We'll see.) So far Panic Station completely stands out for me No Doubt meets INXS meets Another One Bites the Dust. It's a funky, fun song (most likely about apocalypse, paranoia or something like that...I don't really pay attention to it at the moment), very danceable. If only the rest of the album had more moments like this.

Muse posted these two photos on their Twitter a few days ago and I find it quite adorable:

The Tornados, feat. Matt Bellamy's dad George on guitar (far right), Olympia, Paris, 1963

Muse, Olympia, Paris, 2012

Little Mix - DNA

And here comes the extremely contemporary very pop part of this week's Diary. With the start of a new month Little Mix unveiled a new song: DNA. It's moodier and darker than their debut Wings and it has some truly great moments. I have to confess - even though DNA is quite a blatant knock-off of Katy Perry's E.T. (which I neither love or hate) - I've listened to it several times on repeat. It grows on you and never lets go. Stuttering, operatic bits, toy pianos and choir bits and all. And Popjustice is right, the second half of the song is better than the first. It's actually quite genius. Woot! I hope it's a hit for these girl!

Cher Lloyd - Oath (feat. Becky G)

Cher Lloyd released her debut album Sticks & Stones in the US a few days ago - and Oath, her new US single, replaced Over the Moon, one of my favourite songs on the UK version of the album. Fair enough - Oath could easily be a hit. It's definitely aimed at very young fans and it's a quite cute song about friendship. Do I wish Cher went a more adult route, musically? Yeah. But on the other hand that cutesy kid-friendly (and paedophile-friendly) style has its advantages. We've had enough slut poses and underwear in pop in the past few decades. It's nice seeing Cher get popular in the States without naked pictures...*knocks on wood* I have to say I was really impressed with the way she carries herself nowadays. She always seemed quite smart but in the few US interviews I've seen with her recently she seemed quite classy as well. Good for her.

Thanks for reading. Comments and sharing is encouraged too. ;o)

Till next week....

Peace, Love and Ringo!

*I'll review the whole song over the weekend.

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