Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Autumn Blues Rant aka We Lost Love

A lot of my more or less favourite artists have released albums or at least songs in the last two months and while I planned on writing reviews on some of the bigger albums (MIKA, The Killers, Muse, Green Day) I haven't yet and I most likely never will because I'm just so underwhelmed by them all. I haven't even given a proper listen to MIKA's new album (does he still style his name in capital letters btw?) and amidst all the news about Green Day I somehow missed the fact the first of the planned 3 new albums is already out.

So instead I'm writing this. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? Rock is mostly boring and all pop acts are  starting to sound the same. Help. Only Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams (from what I've heard from his upcoming album) and so far the newbies Little Mix are staying away from their music sounding like this. This sound was fun last year, in small doses. Now everything sounds more or less like it. Including some of my pop favourites who I thought should know better (I'm looking at you Icona Pop).

I was hoping the songs on The Killers' newest album Battle Born would grow on me individually since the album is just unbearable to listen to in one go. I tend to listen to them on songs basis and not on album basis anyway. But the songs just keep underwhelming me, at least half of them. And that is not good. Ditto Muse.

This has not been a great few months for music, I'm afraid. Thank god for Amanda Palmer and the Pet Shop Boys, saving Autumn for me so far.

I'll go listen to Uno now...maybe it will be worth writing about..?

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