Friday, 28 September 2012

My Musical Diary XXXI

Welcome to the 31st edition of My Musical Diary. The past few days have been full of different kinds of music for me and it was hard choosing just 5 songs...therefore I had to add a bonus at the end of the regular entry... Hope you'll enjoy.

Wings - Band on the Run 

Linda McCartney would have turned 71 on the 24th of September this year. And when I turned on the radio that day, what did not start playing but her hubby, her and some other dudes - and one of the best Paul McCartney written post-Beatles songs. Technically, Linda is credited as a co-writer but that doesn't really reflect her involvement as a songwriter. Anyway, I thought it was cute....her birthday, this song - which I love. Similarly to Yoko or Courtney Love Linda gets flack for being a rockstar wife. Paul pretty much couldn't part from her and let her do a lot of hard business and personnel decisions because she was simply much tougher and cooler than him. I can't help but respect that lady, her detractors be damned.

Blondie - Maria

And here comes another tough respect-commanding lady. Debbie fucking Harry. Maria was one of the first Blondie songs I'd heard before I started listening to them a bit more "properly" about 7 or 8 years ago. Everyone knows Heart of Glass but Maria was the Blondie song that was on the highest rotation on Czech radios in '99/2000, around the time I started to get into popular music. I loved the song then, and I love it still. It gives me chills. It's heart warming to read Maria actually made it to no. 1 in the UK. How many times does this happen: a band reunites after almost two decades and comes up with a hit. Debbie was already in her mid-50's when this happened. A little miracle of a song, this.

Roxy Music - Do The Strand

It was Bryan Ferry's birthday 2 days ago and I celebrated it with a lot of Ferry/Roxy Music listening. Since I featured Bryan's solo career twice in my previous diary, it's only fair to choose a Roxy song this time. And not an ordinary Roxy song (if there is such a thing), THE song. I became a fan of this band about 6 years ago, hilariously enough, even though I'd known about their existence even before I became a hardcore Bowie fan a decade ago, it took Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys gushing over Do The Strand to make me actually check this band's music out.

And I was lucky the first video that came up on YouTube when I searched for Strand was one taken from a German TV music show called Musikladen. It's from the early '73, before Brian Eno left Roxy Music. Everything is just perfect about this performance. The band is brilliant and ridiculous (and hilarious at times) and there's nothing I love more than an artist that makes me laugh and admire their music at the same time (The Beatles or aforementioned PSB being a case in point). Not even Lady Gaga can top the trousers Andy McKay is wearing in this performance. And Bryan in his white suit and black shirt is just perfection. Excuse me but I have to type these 3 capital letters: UNF.

And just like that I became a Roxy Music fan.

You can check out the whole Musikladen performance here:

Lana Del Rey - Ride

Lana performed at as part of the iTunes festival a few days ago and I watched the live feed and just loved it. No, she is not a pitch-perfect singer but I just like her style. She had jeans and a sweatshirt on, she was all shy and awkward and she sang these weird dark jazzy/chanson-y pop songs and she completely transported me to another dimension.

She's also been in the music news this week with the announcement that a Paradise Edition of Born to Die with 9 new song is going to be released on November 12th and the first single out of that edition (9 new songs? why not a new album FFS?!) is Ride. A signature Lana tune. Dreamy, a doll gone bad/crazy sort of thing. Love it.

I've got a war in my mind.

David Bowie - Five Years

This is hands down the most random choice on this list. I was watching an old 50's British war film called The Sea Shall Not Have Them a few nights ago and the film's two main stars, Michael Redgrave and Dirk Bogarde spend almost the entire film marooned in a dinghy with two other guys, wet and frozen. And after the film ended what did I not have stuck in my head but and it was cold and it rained so I felt like an actor... Now, I don't know if anyone else can find this funny but there you go.

As for the song itself...I think the Ziggy album is as a whole overrated (Hunky Dory is a wee bit superior) but Five Years is a wonderful song. The lyrics are great, the drums intriguing, the music and Bowie's singing's a weird song, but in a way it's a perfect song and a perfect record.

Here you can watch a documentary on The Spiders from Mars that is mostly idiotic music critics masturbating but some of the points they make about this song are quite good. It also features Woody & Trevor.


I mentioned sorting out my CDs the other week. I've discovered a LOT of compilation albums amongst them. Mostly Compilations sold with Q Magazine issues. Yesterday I was searching for a fun compilation, since it was my birthday, and all, and discovered a 6 years old Q compilation made up of covers. I know that it sounds dire but it's probably my favourite Q CD ever. I used to listen to it over and over - and when I played it last night I understood all over again why I loved it so much. Most of the 14 tracks are just amazing.  Franz Ferdinand covering Gwen Stefani. Nick Cave singing Pulp's Disco 2000. Travis's (in)famous cover of Britney's ....Baby One More Time.

I'm posting my two favourites here. Paul Anka swinging up Oasis's Wonderwall (and making it much cooler than the original, mind you) and Richard Hawley perfecting an already amazing Jesus and Mary Chain song Some Candy Talking with his magnificent baritone . Here you go:

Check out the full track listing here.

Thanks for making it this far, guys. Hope you enjoyed reading, listening and watching.....share and comment if you wish. And I hope you'll come back for more next week...

....till then

Peace, Love and Ringo!

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