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My Musical Diary XXVIII

My newest Musical Diary is here. Sorry for the delay (there were weddings and headaches, literally). Without further we go!

Pet Shop Boys - Memory of the Future

Pet Shop Boys are releasing a new album around the world - Elysium. A solid, understated album (see my review here) that takes a while to grow on you - but Memory of the Future was an instant love for me. The song starts and it's fine, okay...and the the killer chorus comes and it's all love in the park, doves and stuff. Can't get enough of this song.

Fred Astaire - Something's Gotta Give

I watched Daddy Long Legs about a week ago and even as a 50-something longing for a 20-something, singing & dancing, Fred was just so adorable. Oh well, I have a soft spot for him. Now Fred didn't think he was a singer, let alone a good singer but hell, he sang just fine without any autotune and he sang with soul. He had a very straight-up approach to singing and it worked so well for him and his listeners. It was his voice that introduced many 30's-50's songs to the world before other singers tried their luck with them.  Something's Gotta Give is one of these songs. Sammy Davis Jr or Ella Fitzgerald recorded this song later but it was Fred for whom it was written and it was he who sang it first, in Daddy Long Legs. Subtle and charming, and at the same time quite powerful.

Bing Crosby (& Grace Kelly) - True Love

I've been recommended some films featuring Bing Crosby recently so I decided to watch the 1956 musical-ish adaptation of the play and 1940 film classic The Philadelphia Story, called High Society, which not only features Bing but also Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly and the recently deceased Celeste Holm. Wondering who wrote all the songs for this film? None other than Cole Porter. Now, I don't think True Love is Cole's best song (I prefer the clever witty ones...see video bonus) but hell, Bing works this song so well with his bass-baritone...that I don't even mind Grace meowing into it about half-way through. It's a beautiful melody and Bing's voice complements it well, managing to keep it from being overly sentimental.

Marc Almond - My Guardian Angel

[no audio available]

Oh dear, I'm being all tender this week. I actually chose all these songs waaay before writing this blog - I don't think any weddings factored in this. But so it happens, we here have another love song, the fourth one in a row. My Guardian Angel is definitely amongst the lesser known Marc Almond songs, it appears as a b-side on Marc's mid-90's single Child Star. I used to own and love this song but then I lost it and only recently recovered it thanks to a friend. And the love came right back. 

I don't think Angel is necessarily a love song. It could be about a friend, a life-partner or just an...angel, a force which protects us and helps us to carry on. It's sad that this song's burried as a b-side on a single, on the other hand's so much more special because of it.

Thank you, my guardian angel
For my second chance
I wanted to end it forever
Now I want to dance
You helped me to respect my life
With all the love you send
Thank you, my guardian angel
Thank you, my friend

Patrick Wolf - Born to Die

Heh. Lately it seems that it wouldn't be a Musical Diary without a Lana song. This time it's an excellent live cover version of Born to Die that Patrick Wolf performed on the Dermot O’Leary radio show recently. I'm a fan of Patrick's, have seen him in concert twice, so this for me is definitely an event. One of my fave artists covering another and the result is stunning.

Video bonus: 

Celeste Holm & Frank Sinatra - Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

More from High Society. This is so genius (Cole's music and especially hilarious lyrics, as well as Celeste's and Frank's performance), it actually made me laugh and tear up a bit at first. Enjoy:

It's ironic this title was then stolen by the TV show, stripped of all its wits.

Thanks for reading this belated entry - comment or ask below if you want to. Hope you enjoyed the songs and my blabbings and see you again next week!

Peace, Love and Ringo!

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