Friday, 14 September 2012

My Musical Diary XXIX

Hi guys! Friday is here. No weddings or headaches this time *knocks on wood* so my newest Musical Diary is back to its Friday slot. Here we go!

Robbie Williams - Candy

Check the song out here.
Robbie unveiled his newest comeback single (co-written by Gary Barlow) this Monday and when I first heard it my reaction was... WTF is this?! But then I went with the flow. It's fun, it's catchy, it's Robbie. Looking forward to the album but hoping there is a good ballad there too, that it's all not just candy and fluff.

The way I feel about this song is actually very similar to my feelings about David Bowie's Blue Jean. There's something telling me I should be guilty about liking these incredibly poppy pop songs but I just can't feel guilty about it because guilty pleasures are just silly pseudo-intellectual crap. If you like something, own up to it. End of.

A video for Candy has already been released too - my thoughts on it are in the bonus section.

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Bottomfeeder

Amanda Fucking Palmer has released a new album called Theatre Is Evil - I wrote a few words about it earlier this week (you can read my review-ish entry here). I pretty much like the whole album and it's hard for me to choose one song to represent it here. Or two songs, same thing. So my choice has been made completely randomly (apart from excluding songs that have already been featured here previously). Go listen to the whole album and make your own opinion on what the best representative song on it is.

Bottomfeeder sounds so cool. Is that Amanda doing reggae? A bit. And then there is the piano, of course. Reggae with a piano and a glam band? Why the hell not.

Lyrics-wise...people are picking up on references. Courtney Love and stuff. What I read there is being sad about someone who could enjoy their life but prevent themselves from doing so by being pissed off about something all the time. Maybe it's because I grew up surrounded by a lot of negativity in my family (plus there's a lot of it in the media a generally just everywhere), so I'm very sensitive to this. Costs me so much energy not to be pissed off about people being pissed off.

'Cos the cabs ain't comin'
Yeah the sun's not shinin'
Yeah the bath keeps runnin'
Yeah it keeps on rainin'
But the band keeps playing

P!nk - Slut Like You 

I realise it's a bit weird featuring just one Amanda song since I liiiiiike the new album so much but P!nk's unveiled quite a few new songs this week too but I only managed to listen to two of them so far. And since each of them is quite different I decided to address them separately. 

Slut Like You is very upbeat, sexy and fun. It manages to be a pop song but sound very punk at the same time. And it quotes a Bowie song. Slut Like You is sung from a point of view of a girl who just wants to have fun. A straight guy stereotype's dream.

Hope this one's a definitely follows in the footsteps of So What. The sort of song you'd want to croak along to when it starts playing on the radio.

P!nk - Try

And here we have a P!nk power rock-pop ballad. It's not a new direction for this singer at all but would her fans really want her to change what she does best? She's always been an unusual female pop artist with a rock edge. Upbeat cheeky songs and beautiful rock ballads are her thing, and actually...not many other female artists can do this and be this successful at the same time. So go on, do your thing, Alecia. We're still enjoying this.

a-ha - Out of Blue Comes Green

It's Morten Harket's birthday today. So I suppose it's perfectly alright if my closing song in this edition of my dear Musical Diary is a song featuring his precious voice. I'm not exactly very fond of a-ha's 1988 Stay On These Roads album. It's very hit or miss. But Out of Blue Comes Green has always been one of my very favourite a-ha songs. Not sure what the song is about exactly - a lot of the band's lyrics kind of feel like they've been written in Norwegian and then ran through Google Translate, bless. But the song is unusual, dramatic, shows off Morten's vocal register and while it features synths it has certain rock edge to it and foreshadows what was going to come with a-ha's next two albums.

Video bonus: 

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - The Killing Type

Directed by the legendary British music video film maker Tim Pope, it's probably a big metaphor for something but to my brain it's just a very literal depiction of the song's key lyric but I would kill to make you feel. Amanda and the Grand Theft Orchestra guys are dressed in white pretty much because the red that comes later on can contrast with it well. I can't say I don't like the video but I'm not wowed by it as many Amanda fans who feel moved by it and think it's the best thing ever. It's not the sort of video I'd want to watch over and over again.

Robbie Williams - Candy

Call me shallow. This is the sort of video I'd watch a couple of times instead of once. Yes, it's silly. But sorry, can't help myself. It's just fun. I like fun Robbie. Plus he can be much sillier than this (rabbits, anyone? shedding skin?). This is the right amount. Also he looks good in pink.

Thanks for reading my newest edition of My Musical Diary and see ya next week: the 30th edition will be upon us. That would call for something special... ;)

Peace, Love and Ringo!

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