Friday, 24 August 2012

My Musical Diary XXVI

Wow, quite an eventful week in pop music since I last blogged. Muse released a new single, Pet Shop Boys' album leaked (will review as soon as I can), Cher Lloyd has been attacked with piss, Christina Aguilera's possible new single leaked. Chad and Avril got engaged. There's a new makeup wearing pretty boy on the scene, another Lana Del Rey demo has leaked. Etc etc. Not everything could fit in here but some of it I have deemed interesting enough to write about it. Here we go then!

Muse - Madness

M-m-m-m-m-use got the stutter bug. Also they can't decide if they want to be Take That (2010 version), Depeche Mode, Queen or U2 now. Madness is about as rock as The Beatles' Yesterday but why the hell not. I'd rather have them like that than releasing bloated crap like Survival. Sadly I don't think the rest of The 2nd Law will sound like Madness. After all, if features Survival too.

BLEACH - No Ambition

A new pretty boy of an artist is in town! Lloyd Dixon goes by the name BLEACH and gets mightily pimped by Boy George. BLEACH's singing even resembles Boy George's a bit (and don't get me started on the whole almost a drag queen but not quite which BG had perfected 30 years ago).
Love the song, have watched the video several's fun. It's like Glam rock/pop never went away. When BLEACH releases a full album and all the songs on it are just a good and poppy, I'll definitely buy it. My cuppa.

Cher Lloyd - End Up Here

Talking about good and poppy. I listen to Cher Lloyd's mixed bag of a debut album quite often - usually whenever I have to do some housework. And it was last weekend while cleaning windows I realised I rarely listen to the album's closing song End Up Here (it wasn't on my iPod) but that the song was actually pretty good. So I began to play it over and over. Sometimes I do get obsessed with a song and then I have it playing on a loop (other instances of this happening is Cher's One by One, Bowie's Strangers When We Meet or Madonna's Take a Bow).
Here's the thing, I don't think End Up Here is the best pop song of this century but it is a very nice song and I'm sure many of those who hate Cher Lloyd but like them some pop might actually enjoy it. If you're one of those people, maybe give the song a listen...

Lana Del Rey - Afraid

A recently leaked Lana demo! And wow, it's pretty good! She gets to use her higher register here (I know some people are not exactly fond of it but I don't mind it). I love how simple this is. If it gets on an album it'll probably lose this very quality so I'm gonna enjoy it now, while I can.

Apparently there are many of these leaked Lana songs online. Serial Killer probably being the most popular one. I have yet to give them a proper listen but Afraid has won my little heart over.

Marlene Dietrich - Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte

After months and months of uncertainty I finally decided to watch The Night Porter (Il portiere di notte), a 1974 Liliana Cavani film starring Dirk Bogarde as an ex-Nazi officer and Charlotte Rampling, playing his lover and a concentration camp survivor. Now that's some heavy stuff, especially since the film incorporates themes of sexual submission and domination. One scene of the film features a topless Rampling singing this Friedrich Hollaender-written song to entertain the Nazi officers. I knew and loved Marlene's version of this song for many many years now but I'm pretty sure the song and The Night Porter will be connected in my mind from now on.

The film also has some wonderful Daniele Paris-written theme music. You can listen to part of it here.

Oh, and the Rampling version of Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte (bare chest and all) can be found here.

Thanks for reading this far and worming your way through my very eclectic taste in music. Hope you'll come back next week. Till then

Peace, Love and Ringo!

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