Friday, 17 August 2012

My Musical Diary XXV

Hello guys! I'm back! Even though for you I was never really gone...oh the beauty of scheduled blog posting... My trip to Vienna was nice. No musical discoveries though. Those tend to happen mostly in Prague. :)

This week's 5 songs are all a bit chanson-y, moody & mystique-y...I hope you'll enjoy them.

Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra - The Killing Type

Amanda released this song last Friday to her Kickstarter supporters and I managed to download it in the morning right before I left for Vienna, so I could give it a few listens on the way there. I'd heard the song before, live, but having the studio version now is great. Not much piano there, if any but it still sounds very Amanda's cool. The "I'm saying it NOW. I'm saying it SO." is amazing, cathartic. Can't wait for the whole album. Dammit.

Adam Lambert - Ring of Fire

The love it or hate it version of a Johnny Cash (June Cash-written) country classic. Well, I've loved it from the first time I saw Adam perform a shorter version of this on American Idol 3 years ago. But the studio version has been in my music libraries and iPods ever since. It's the sort of thing Marc Almond would do with this song had he Adam's vocal abilities. While in general Adam's amazing vocals tend to leave me cold, I have to say this version wouldn't be the same without them.

Hercules and Love Affair - Blind

I've recently discovered a video of Antony Hegarty performing this 4 year-old song with Hercules and Love Affair live for the first time - and believe it or not - it happened only about 2 weeks ago. Wow. The live version was nice but more than anything it reminded me how much I loved the original version which I managed to dig up in my computer two days ago. Now, this is some cool disco. Look at the lyrics. Not your usual dance song.

As a child I knew
that the stars could only get brighter
then we could get closer
leaving this darkness

Now that I'm older
the stars shed light upon my face
but when I found myself alone
I feel like I, I am blind

Hurts - Under the Bridge

Hurts introduced a new song to their fans on Sziget, Hungary's biggest summer festival some time last week. Yay! A new song. Moody, melancholic, strong melody and somewhat cliché lyrics. Pretty much what can one expect from Hurts. I hope their second album will feature plenty of more uptempo songs but this song is definitely strong and not something Hurts fans should be disappointed with. Hope the album won't be disappointing either. And that it will happen soon.

Peter Kingsbery - Only the Very Best

I've heard this song a couple of times on mum's radio and never had any idea who the singer was. Just like with Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights, Leonard Cohen's Suzanne and Lana Del Rey's Video Games, this song made me go "what the fuck is this? this is so weird but I like it!" whenever I caught it but until last night I never had any way of finding out the name of neither the singer nor the song. Last night I finally had my iPhone at hand and tried both Soundtracking and Shazam to identify the song but those apps had no answer. So I finally just typed the lyrics I was listening to into the Google search - and voila! Never heard of the guy. Ever. English name, English song, yet he's a French star (though an American). Interesting. I was imagining some dark rock glam/cabaret weirdo from the 70's/80's and here's a French chansonier. I love Europe.

And this week's video bonus:

MIKA - Celebrate (feat Pharrell) video

I featured the song in one of the previous Diary blogs and I wasn't very happy about it then. I have to say I've made my peace with this song since. I'll just enjoy it for what it is, a nice pop song. Still not entirely content with this new direction MIKA is taking but on the other hand it's not a radical departure from the previous album so I'll just let him show me what he's about now before I dismiss it all.

The video is actually very MIKA-esque. It's feel good and positive and he looks very cute in it. There's nothing ground-breaking about it but I also can't find anything wrong with it. :)

Hope you have enjoyed reading my newest Musical Diary. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to take advantage of the comment section below.

Have a great week and until next Friday

Peace, Love and Ringo!

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