Sunday, 26 August 2012

Morten Harket - Out of My Hands - Short Review

I used to be a huge a-ha fan in a very intense cca 3 year period in the early noughties. And even after I discovered other music I would catch up with their work from time to time. The band is a history (but never say never...) but that doesn't mean their members decided to stop making music altogether.

I own all of the band's lead singer's solo albums. Yes, even the Norwegian ones. Morten's music used to be very introspective with strong 90's singer-songwriter pop rock vibes. Out of My Hands is quite different to his previous solo output and definitely has more in common with a-ha's final album Foot of the Mountain. At the same time it features enough familiar Morten traits, so there is in no way any danger his faithful fans could dislike it.

Out of My Hands is pretty much filled with delightful synthpop. And for me surprisingly the majority of the album's 10 songs are uptempo - like the opening track Scared of Heights or the lead single Lightning - both quite simply amazing pop songs. And even when Morten goes slow and introspective, such as on the gorgeous title track or on the Pet Shop Boys-penned ballad Listening, the results are memorable and worth coming back to.

Even though I'm a fan of a-ha's more rock early 90's leanings I've decided Morten's extraordinary voice might actually fit synths the best. He's obviously in a great singing form on Out of My Hands. It's a joy when a great singer is provided with great song material, and an adequate production. Sadly this is not a norm in the pop music world and that's why Out of My Hands should be heralded as a definite win.

Morten Harket's fifth album is not a musical revolution but it is a very fresh, modern synthpop album and a recommended listen for anyone who enjoys good pop music.

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