Friday, 27 July 2012

My Musical Diary XXII

Hola! I'm back after a week-long hiatus and so are my blabbings on the music in my life. Here we go!

Sugababes - Run For Cover (Acoustic, cca 2001)

The original line-up of Sugababes announced re-formation last week under the very clumsy name Mutya Keisha Siobhan. I used to like Sugababes around the time of their debut One Touch album but I never bought it or any of the subsequent ones. I only got myself One Touch last week and boy, is it a good album, definitely ahead of its time. Run For Cover, together with Overload were massive hits on Czech radios back in 2000/2001. I think I favoured Overload back then but would say I prefer Run For Cover these days. It's amazing such a mature song was co-written by girls who were cca 15 at the time. I discovered this particular live acoustic version on Youtube a few days ago. Chill-inducing. I hope Mutya Keisha Siobhan is a success even though it will be hard to artistically surpass One Touch, but these ladies already proved a decade ago they have a buttload of talent.

John Lennon - How Do You Sleep

John had done 'How Do You Sleep?' and I nearly did a song called 'Quite Well, Thank You.' - Paul McCartney

I spent last week with my high school friends at one of theirs cottage and on our way home we played some Lennon, Harrison and Simon and Garfunkel. How Do You Sleep is a song that stands out for me from that ride in particular because I hadn't heard it in years (not really a Lennon fan...and though I definitely think McCartney can be a total bitch...gun to head - no pun intended - I'd join his team rather than Lennon's). I personally hate Yesterday and quite like Another Day, so I think Lennon's point in this song is invalid (but hey, he was entitled to his opinion...that many people share) but How Do You Sleep definitely has a lot of musical attitude (if such thing exists) and therefore is definitely enjoyable to listen to...well, would be if it didn't go on seemingly forever.

Boy George - Video Games

Boy George has released his version of Lana Del Rey's magical single Video Games, complete with a great video. Sadly BG's version is not as good as the original. He does does share a certain old timey film star vibe with Lana but he isn't as mysterious, and neither is his version of Video Games. The song's otherworldliness is its biggest appeal for me personally. BG accentuates the song's sadness and melancholy more - and that's perfectly fine. His amazing voice fits the song well...but the production makes the record too MOR for my taste. I wanted to love this: I love Boy George's voice, I love the song, and I think they are a good fit - maybe I should wait for an a capella version. Or one which BG will perform just with Antony's piano...something like that.

Iggy Pop - Baby

This past Monday I finally completed my turntable set. I bought a lovely pair of Audioengine speakers, connected the beauties with the turntable and put my vinyl copy of Iggy Pop's Idiot album in...but because I'm a newbie the first song that started playing was not track no. 1 - Sister Midnight, but track no. 4 - Baby. Unless you have this album you probably don't know the song (well I hadn't before I heard the whole album). Just as most of The Idiot, Baby has a dark, industrial cabaret vibe. It's an excellent prelude to the following China Girl.

Marc Almond - Gone But Not Forgotten

Haven't listened to Marc's excellent "Russian album" Heart on Snow for ages. But I got reminded of it just today as I was watching the newest episode of Project Runway. The current season features two contestants of Soviet descent - a Ukrainian girl Elena with passion for the avantgarde and a Belarusian ex-ballroom dancer Dmitry who actually reminds me of Marc a little bit. And that's how I've arrived at the realisation I need to listen to this album again ASAP.

Gone But Not Forgotten is the only original song written specifically for the album and it's one of my Marc favourites.

All that matters will live on
Sadly gone but not forgotten
In our hearts where they belong
Ours forever
Never gone

Marc is singing about Russia in this song, about its people's struggles over the centuries...but isn't the above lyric the way we wanna think about ourselves and our lives?


A shootload of new videos came out recently, videos to songs I've featured on my blog. So I decided to post them here along with my short commentaries.

The Killers - Runaways video

I think it was SPIN Magazine that tweeted this video stars Brandon Flowers's leather jacket. And they are right. There are also some stars and highways and the other 3 dudes in the band (Dave, Ronnie and Mark). It's pretty much a performance video - with a travel twist. It's nice. Not as good as the videos for Mr Brightside or Read My Mind but definitely not bad either.

Little Mix - Wings video

Little Mix have finally released the video to their debut single Wings - and it's not bad at all. Young, fun...all of the girls get to shine here. I watched it twice, voluntarily, so just for the fact alone the video should get some award.

P!nk - Blow Me (One Last Kiss) video

And we have a winner! P!nk's new video had me hooked right from the first second. When I saw the link today I was in an urgent need of a toilet (just a no. 1, don't worry) and I was just gonna peak. But the video got me so hooked I ended up risking a bladder explosion. It was worth it. Interesting, funny...with a bit of attitude. My kind of video. Well done!

Questions? Queries? Comments? If you play nice you're welcome in my comment section. ;)

Till next week....Peace, Love & Ringo!

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