Friday, 6 July 2012

My Musical Diary XX

Wow. I've been doing these weekly posts for roughly 5 months now. I'm impressed with myself. However, while I'm going to keep the form and the content of the posts the same, I've decided to change the name of them - from now on they will be called My Musical Diary. This title expresses the content of the posts better than Top 5 Songs did...This week's 5 songs are mostly mainstream poppy, let's see if I manage to be more left-field next week. ;)

Fun Boy Three - The Tunnel of Love

I was watching Being Human a few days ago - the UK version - the episode in which Annie's trying to find out why she's a ghost, with a little help from a fellow ghost. The ghost happens to be a bit of a music snob who gets off on listening to a lot of depressing 80's music, including my beloved Marc Almond. This was the first TV series I've seen so far in which non-Tainted Love Marc Almond sung songs were played. Kudos. Anyhoo, they also played this song by, for me, an unknown 80's band (which only released 2 albums and they managed to do it before I was even born, so no wonder I don't know them). The Tunnel of Love sounds so much like Marc Almond from this time period it's not even funny...but the song's good. It made me want to check out those two albums of theirs.

Don Henley - The Boys of Summer

I heard this one on the radio the other day and amongst all the shit that gets played there (and by that I by far don't mean just the current pop) it was like listening to heavenly music or something. I've always been fond of this song (even if it makes me depressed) and now thanks to the often shitty and boring radio it's back on my iPod... One of the best melancholy songs ever released.

Little Mix - Wings

Little Mix have finally unveiled their debut single's not a disaster! It's not exactly Sound of the Underground either though. Just like a lot of music these days it has a retro feel and the girls actually get to sound like human beings in it (and not automatons) - and I do sing along to it now, after having listened to it a few times, but it didn't make me go WOW. Which is the way I feel every time Sound of the Underground comes on my iPod or on the radio. Still interested in the album though. I like these girls. Go ladies! Wish you only the best.

Aiden Grimshaw - Curtain Call

Aiden's second single which should be buy-able in August, I think. And while the first one was surprisingly good but not my cuppa, this song was love at first listen for me. Nice. Especially when you listen to it in a softly lit room at night. Interested in the album now, too.

P!nk - Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

And another new song has been unveiled this week. P!nk's got a new single out on the interwebs and a new album will be out in September. I for one like this one (had no idea she could sing this high!) & I'm sure it will be one of the songs like So What for which I'll be in the mood to freak out to whenever it pops up on the radio. Been a fan of this lady for over a decade now and she's still my kinda mainstream female singer: smart, sassy, funny, a great songwriter and even a better singer.

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