Friday, 8 June 2012

This Week's Top 5 Songs XVI

A run-down of my favourite songs this week.

The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows

When in doubt, listen to The Beatles (or Bowie), that's my life philosophy. Tomorrow Never Knows manages to sound edgy and just really strange in a good way 46 years after it was released. Just how many other songs can boast the same?

Kylie Minogue - Did It Again

This seems to be a bit of a controversial Kylie song. To my ears it sounds like good 90's. Might just be in my top 10 Kylie songs at the moment.

Darren Hayes - Stupid Mistake

More Australia. A great pop song coming from Darren's latest album released last year. Really impressed. I like some Savage Garden songs (more 90's!), but some of their stuff is too schmaltzy for me. This song is definitely high quality though. Will check out this guy's discography for sure.

Marc Almond - These My Dreams Are Yours

Been in one of these posts once before. Well, this song is so beautiful, there is no reason it can't be here again. My most listened-to song of this week.

Amanda Palmer - Want It Back

Amanda's Kickstarter project was a huge success and it's now over and done. To celebrate its successful funding and thank us dear backers Amanda released a new song last week. And it's very orgasmic. Synths, a bass solo, piano, a super-catchy chorus. Well. the whole fucking song is super-catchy. Did I mention the bass solo? This song features a bass solo. I repeat: A BASS SOLO.

[note: the song has been released to the backer's of Amanda's project only but it will be on the regular album which comes out in September. You can listen to and watch a live version of the song here.]

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