Friday, 29 June 2012

This Week's Top 5 Songs XIX

Let's start this week's edition of my music diary with a fade-in...

Roxy Music - Out of the Blue

I've been incredibly lazy and it took me almost two years to transfer my Roxy Music discography to my now not so new computer, but I finally managed to do it yesterday. Out of the Blue was the first song which started playing when I put the Roxy songs on shuffle last night (or is it toggle?). And it's actually one of my favourites. I'm a fan of Roxy's first two albums but OOTB is definitely just as good as the best songs on those two. I am not very fond of violins but what Eddie Jobson's doing on this track is amazing. Yeah. Eno was great (is he still?) but poor Eddie doesn't get enough credit for his contribution to Roxy. He didn't just play the electric violin, he was quite a music wizard himself and you can hear some of it on this record. And of course the rest of the band are great on this track too. Everyone on top form.

Savage Garden - Break Me Shake Me

Let's pop! But funnily enough Break a VERY rock song for this undeniably pop duo. Also reminiscent of Michael Jackson's harder stuff (no surprise there since Darren Hayes is an MJ fan). Keep listening to this song a lot on my iPod and thought it was about time I acknowledged that here. A great rock/pop song and recommended listen to those who don't know it.

Also: "Just heard this song last night at work. I'm adding it to my Sex Playlist. This is some music you fuck to." in the words of a YouTube commenter.

The Dresden Dolls - Pretty in Pink

My Winamp crashed on me a few months ago and ever since then I keep re-adding albums into it. Last night I realised I didn't have No, Virginia in the player - and it was thanks to me remembering I used to be addicted to The Dresden Dolls' cover of the Psychedelic Furs song. I wanted to play it but it wasn't there! I'm re-addicted now, have listened to it way too many times since last night. It's one of those records that make me smile AND make me want to go on a road trip.

Tin Machine - Baby Universal

Another instance of me being influenced by Pushing Ahead of the Dame's posts on Bowie songs. I decided not to listen to the Tin Machine songs again (after cca 10 years) until they are analysed there, so that I have an open mind when I read about them. So just like with a couple of songs from Tin Machine's first album Baby Universal pleasantly surprised me. More than a typical Tin Machine song it sounds like something which could appear on Buddha of Suburbia or the later 90's Bowie albums. Bowie and Gabrels at their best. Has been added to my iPod (a badge of honour).

Muse - Survival

Oh dear. So I've given Survival quite a few listens since it came out yesterday and Yes, I realise it's the official olympic song, so the lyrics and overall mood of the song should reflect that. But man. Could the lyrics be any more sports cliché?
There's actually a couple of things I like about Survival: the piano, most of Matt's vocals, even some of the guitar wanking. But I just can't get over the lyrics and the female (?) backing vocals. Muse are not exactly a less is more kind of a band but this is in poor taste even for them. Self-indulgent and for all the noise and choirs it ends up being pretty hollow.
But then, most of their fans like it, it seems to have been well received by the public, so who cares what I think?
One good thing did come out of this song for me: it made me go back to some of their older songs and I reassured myself I do still like their music.

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