Friday, 25 May 2012

This Week's Top 5 Songs XIV

My favourite songs this week...are all surprisingly tender. And then there is Bowie croaking about shit.

Adam Lambert - Outlaws of Love

Since this week Adam has become the first openly gay artist to top the US album chart, it only felt right to include this song here.

nowhere to grow old
and always on the run
they say we'll rot in hell
but I don't think we will
they've branded us enough
Outlaws of Love

Apart from its message (which can be applied to any sort of minority, really) Outlaws is simply a gorgeous ballad, maybe reminiscent of Muse a tiny bit. Definitely a recommended listen.

Haley Reinhart - Undone

This is Lady Reinhart showing her tender side. Undone is the only ballad on her dabut album (my review here, if you will). I'm not a ballad person but this one totally gets me. Great song (melody as well as lyrics), great vocal...a potential hit for sure!

Kris Allen - Teach Me How Love Goes

Kris's sophomore album came out the same day as Haley's debut. I plan on writing a review over the weekend but for now I can say, just like Haley's album...Kris's Thank You Camelia was made for summer days. Uplifting, upbeat, full of catchy much so that Teach Me How Love Goes got lost a bit on it when I gave the album the first listen. And just when I was about to skip the rest of the song I had to stop...because the song just quietly grabbed me. It made me listen. So even though there are happy, literally whistling songs on the album, this one decided to take residence in my heart and it's not moving anywhere any time soon.

Stephen Sondheim by way of Helena Bonham Carter - Wait

Oh, if only Sweeney had taken Mrs. Lovett's advice...or just plainly fallen in love with her and stopped with his doomed revenge. Oh well.

I love Tim Burton's version of this (literally) bloody Stephen Sondheim musical. I'm not very well versed in musical, mind you...but I love the Sweeney songs. I'm even more impressed by Sondheim considering he writes his own (amazing) lyrics (I can definitely see and hear his influence in both music and lyrics of the Pet Shop Boys). Wait is not quite the example of Sondheim's clever and witty lyrical prowess but its melody is gorgeous.

The whole musical is great and all of the actors in the film version do a great job with this beautiful but very technically difficult material. Helena Bonham Carter is not a singer at all, but in this song she shows such vulnerability, that you forget, for two minutes and a half, that her character is a mass murderer who turns Londoners into cannibals.

I can't even describe the feelings the

I've been thinkin' flowers,
maybe daisies,
to brighten up the room!
don't you think some flowers,
pretty daisies,
might relieve the gloom?
ah, wait,
love, wait.

part wakes up in me. Those are some clever, effective notes, Steve! So beautiful I weep inside.

Also a pretty good lullaby material, don't you think.

Tin Machine - I Can't Read Shit

Right. Pushing Ahead of the Dame is responsible for this one. I probably would not have come up with listening to a Tin Machine song on my own. But I have to admit, this is a pretty good song. A third one I've added to my iPod since my favourite Bowie blog started analysing the Tin Machine era of Bowie's output, and the one I actually listen to the most.

Andy, where's my fifteen minutes?

I can't read shit anymore
I just sit back and ignore
I just can't get it right, can't get it right.

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