Friday, 18 May 2012

This Week's Top 5 Songs XIII

Another Friday, another five songs I found the most interesting this past week. Includes songs from two new albums I'd like to review in the next few days, if my study commitments allow. It's Adam Lambert's second album Trespassing, and Iggy Pop's recent album of covers, Apres.

Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra - Do It With A Rockstar

Three words: this shit rocks.

If you like this, go pledge on Amanda's Kickstarter project, and preorder the album from which this song's taken.

Adam Lambert - Trespassing

Since this album's been released this Tuesday I've been listening to the dance-y songs a lot. Trespassing is a stomp your feet, shake your butt, nod your head sort of dance pop amazingness. If you like pop music, you'll love this, doesn't matter if you know Adam or not.

Wild at Heart - Darling

Darling, don't get over me
Get under me instead

This song's not out yet but Wild at Heart were so kind they sent the song to me after I asked them on Twitter when the song's gonna be released. :) How amazing is that? Been on my iPod on a loop this week. Brilliant Swedish pop, what else can I say.

Scissor Sisters - Only the Horses

More great dance pop. I own all Scissor Sisters albums, can't wait for the new one. Judging from the first (proper) single, I do have stuff to look forward to...

Iggy Pop - I'm Going Away Smiling

Iggy's self-released an album of croon-y covers last week, and this is probably the youngest song on it. Written by Yoko Ono, you can find her original version on the 2009 album Between My Head and the Sky. Though I'm a huge fan of The Beatles, I'm not so much into John Lennon's solo stuff, let alone very familiar with Yoko's music (I find her voice pretty much unlistenable). So I had no idea she could actually write a song as good as this one. And Iggy definitely sells it. I can imagine only one person singing it better - and that's Marc Almond. (btw, Needs. to. Happen.)

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