Friday, 4 May 2012

This Week's Top 5 Songs XI

I've been listening to everything and nothing this week, so this post is going to be a bit...lacking conviction, maybe. It's going to be a bit Loki (or is it low-key?). I'm sorry, I'm still buzzing from the Avengers...

Anyhoo, thanks to my iPod, thisisMyJam and my for helping me out with this one.

Adam Lambert - Never Close Our Eyes

Adam's upcoming single from his second album (out May 15). I've been aware of this Bruno Mars-penned song for a while but I have to say it wasn't until seeing Adam's live performance of it on Kimmel, that I fully and properly fell in love with this damn song. It's in the same vein as Rihanna's We Found Love. Yes, I've heard better, smarter pop songs but these things are just so damn catchy. It's the "NEVER!" bit which "makes" this song for me.

Rufus Wainwright - Candles

You can find this - for lack of better words - beautiful song on Rufus's newest album Out of the Game. It's about Rufus dealing with the grief after his mother's death. The churches have run out of candles is a powerful line on its own. He truly is one of the best songwriters ever. When it comes to Rufus, there's no "overrated" (but don't tell him, his ego might Hulk-out).

Couldn't find a full-lenght studio version of this song but check out this gorgeous live version.

Loretta Lynn & Jack White - Portland Oregon

I've still been listening to Jack's new album a lot this week but I've decided to include this duet he recorded with his idol Loretta Lynn for an album he produced for her 8 years ago. A minute and a half of an instrumental intro followed by a few simple lines about (drunk) man meeting (drunk) woman in the city of Portland, Oregon. I don't listen to country much but man, been in love with this song for many years and since I got myself the whole album recently I've been listening to this quite a lot this week. Would fit on Jack's new album well.

Girls Aloud - Sound of the Underground

Whenever I do something like getting dressed or showering I play the "pop" playlists on my iPod...and this song is featured on both of them. So I sort of end up listening to it on daily basis, and sometimes I even sing along. It's as good as a girlband pop song can get. Can't believe it's been 10 years since it was released. Time flies!

Dusty Springfield - Give Me Time

Wow, what a voice. Just last night I watched the newest round of American Idol performances and my favourite guhrl Skylar Laine sang a countrified version You Don't Have To Say You Love Me...and didn't quite pull it off, in my opinion. So I went and listened to a couple of Dusty's songs and realised...almost no-one has a chance in comparison with her. Dusty's records are perfect but at the same time full of character. She did have an infuriating habit of recording songs one syllable at a time, so no wonder it's hard to compete with her in a live setting, but still...more than any of the later divas like Whitney, Mariah or Beyoncé, Dusty's voice just features something earthly and otherwordly at the same time. It's a voice of mystery.

Give Me Time is not as popular as some of the other songs she's recorded but for some reason it has always been my favourite. It's not as obvious, but it's still regal and desperate at the same time.

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