Friday, 27 April 2012

This Week's Top 5 Songs X

Another week...another Top 5 songs post. Put together with the help of iTunes, my, My Jam & my brain.

Jack White - Weep Themselves to Sleep

Jack White's solo debut album Blunderbuss came out this week and I listened to it a lot. I pretty much love all of the songs but the two which appear in this post won the choosing game. Weep Themselves... because when I was listening to the album for the first time this song, and it's gorgeous piano totally jumped at me. Love at first listen and as of now still not fed up with it. One review called the piano Aladdin Sane-esque. Don't think they're completely wrong.

Jack White - Freedom at 21

This song just sounds really cool. Half-story and half world-truth... I suppose one could write an essay about its lyrics.

And she don't care about the things people used to do
She don't care that what she does has an effect on you
She's got freedom in the 21st century

Iggy Pop - Success

Iggy turned 65 last Saturday. So I suppose that constitutes as erm...Success? Brilliant, funny song which has gotten a bit tragicomic with the passing time. In the end though...Iggy has had quite a success.

The Beatles - Golden Slumbers

Been listening to The Beatles a lot this week on my iPod. Especially to this climatic first part of the closing medley of Abbey Road. I'm not a huge fan of Paul McCartney's singing (I do listen to his solo stuff the most compared to the other Beatle boys though) but I have to say it's not just the melody in this song, it's largely the way Paul sings it with such passion, which is what makes this song what it is. A minute and a half of pure, uglied-up beauty.

The Killers - Losing Touch

One of my favourite songs by The Killers. Gets stuck in my head on regular basis. Sadly, the musician who plays a key instrument on this song, Tommy Marth, the saxophonist, died earlier this week. Tragic, shocking and just plain sad. Tommy has played on The Killers' 2nd and 3rd studio albums, as well as in their touring band. May he rest in peace.

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