Friday, 13 April 2012

This Week's Top 5 Songs VIII

Metro - Jade

I wouldn't have known about Metro if it hadn't been for Bowie covering their song Criminal World on his Let's Dance album, and my favourite blog Pushing Ahead the Dame's post about it (up until reading it I didn't even realise it was a cover). The only album this band has ever released is pretty much brilliant from start to finish...I listened to it a lot this week, so that's why Jade ended up in this week's top 5.

What's not to love about this particular song. Musically it keeps surprising you. The opening verses are beautiful and soft, there's some drama later on... Roxy Music wish they came up with this song.

Nicola Roberts - Yo-Yo

I'd been aware of Nicola Roberts's solo efforts for several months now but I only ever bought Beat of My Drum. Then a few days ago I came across this Nicola song on YouTube and fell in love with her. I rarely watch music videos but Yo-Yo made me watch till the end: a good video for a great pop song. It's a shame Nicola hasn't had a proper solo success yet.

Nicola Roberts - Take A Bite

A perfect fuck you song, this. What else can I say.

So when I got down to London, had the press on my case
Cause I didn't walk round with a smile on my face
Called me a rude ginger bitch and say I bought bigger tits
They're gonna eat all their words, they're talking absolute shit

The Sound of Arrows - Into the Clouds

Listened to The Sound of Arrows album on my way to Venice last Friday night/early Saturday morning, while going through the full-moonlit Alps. Transported me from a bus to a carriage drawn by bewinged unicorns. indeed.

Marc Almond - These My Dreams Are Yours

I've been listening to this song on my iPod a lot lately. It's a pretty emotional affair, and seems to be a very personal song for its writer. Marc cuts on the sometimes dark/sleazy poetry of his and instead delivers a beautiful love song. You can find it on Stars We Are, an album which was released in 1988.

You can have my smile, my tears
My wishes, here's a fortune
To adorn you
I'll whisper in the night to you
Promise to adore and never scorn you
And as we grow a little older
Try to understand more of each other
I will be your golden eye
Your master of illusion
Or just your lover

I'll be a dragonfly, a butterfly
A secret or a little lie to test you
A song a verse a lullaby
A symphony once in a while
To try and impress you
I'll take your heart to the limit
The colours of my joy
My tears to dress you
But sometimes dear
My heart's my own
I don't wish to exclude you or
Distress you

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