Saturday, 21 April 2012

This Week's Top 5 Songs IX

Led Zeppelin - Going to California

I don't listen to Led Zeppelin much but I adore this song. This week I realised I didn't have it in my iPod (I think it was the new Jack White record that made me remember the fact I love it) and once I added it there I ended up listening to it on a loop. Such a tranquil song.

Jack White - Sixteen Saltines

Who's jealous who's jealous who's jealous who's jealous of who?

I had the chance to hear the album (Blunderbuss) in full through iTunes earlier this week (I know it's leaked but I'll wait till Monday, won't kill me). I'm a White Stripes fan, I quite like The Raconteurs & I was pretty underwhelmed by the Dead Weather...I love Jack but I've kind of lost track of all his projects - therefore I approached his first solo album with cautious excitement. By the end of the album there was only pure excitement left, pure ecstatic excitement which only good music can bring.

Sixteen Saltiness has been on a heavy rotation on my iPod this week. It rocks. Jack hasn't lost it yet. In fact, he might have found it again.

Oh yeah, the video is weird, but then so is Jack. All is well.

David Bowie - When the Wind Blows

When The Wind Blows has kept sneaking up on me for years now but only the other day when I was actually playing the 80's part of the Bowie best of compilation it got me. It hit me, what a great song it actually is. Sure, it has many problems but those are some nice chords under the title bit of the song (is it a chorus? not quite sure with this song), and thinking about it...the verses are great too. And the synth part todoododoodododo. And the lyrics could be much worse. :) A bit of a forgotten Bowie (very rough) gem from the 80's.

Dj Okawari - Luv Letter

My favourite Japanese figure skater - Daisuke Takahashi - has just won World Team Trophy in his category (and set a new world record in his short program) so I spent the last few days surfing the net for his older programs and performances - and rediscovered this beautiful piece of music in the process. I remember having the privilege of watching him skate to it at a World Championship's exhibition a few years ago. In case you're interested you can watch him doing his program here.


This week there is no Marc Almond song in this post. Yep, the end of the world is coming early. I didn't quite listen to Marc as much this week and I think it's only fair another 80's relic gets a spot here this time...

Morten Harket - Lightning

Morten is the lead singer of a-ha (those of Take On Me fame...but really the band is so much better than this song!) but he's been releasing solo albums since the band's first hiatus in 1993. The previous albums have been mostly singer-songwriter-y, yet the recent one, called Out of My Hands, is more synth-pop oriented and it suits Morten well.

The first single off the album - Lightning - reminds me of Will Young's Jealousy brand of pop, and that's a very good thing. Haven't listened to the whole album yet but if the rest of the songs (including one written by the Pet Shop Boys!) are half as good, it should turn out to be a pretty good album. I will give it a proper listen and maybe review it soon.

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