Friday, 23 March 2012

This Week's Top 5 Songs V

Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)


Lana Del Rey - Off to the Races

Been listening to Lana on my iPod a lot this week. Off to the Races features the whole Lana cinema mystique and the feeling of an impending tragedy but at the same time it's an uptempo song. Not sure if many people would be able to pull off this combination successfully. Hats off.

The Killers - Read My Mind

The Killers song that I loved even way back when I hated the band and only registered it because Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant couldn't stop talking about them. Or rather "the perfect pop star Brandon Flowers". This is the sort of song that makes me fly, almost literally. It has one hell of a melody, a fuckload of hooks. BFlow is a great lyricist....yes his voice could be a bit more pleasant when he goes into the falsetto bits but whatever, this song is an anthem.

The stars are blazing like rebel diamonds cut out of the sun
When you read my mind

Pet Shop Boys - Boy Strange

I took out the Nightlife album for a spin for the first time in ages this week and realised what an underrated album it is.
I love the way the atmosphere in this song builds up, in the verses it's a very Neil - guitar-based song but the sonic distortions in the choruses make it truly special (esp. the final chorus after the 3:50 mark).

Othon feat. Marc Almond - The Tango Song

I don't necessarily subscribe to the sentiment of the song (lyrics written by Aleister Crowley) but hell, the melody is SO my thing and Othon's piano & Marc's vocals are superb.
You can find the studio version of this song on Othon's debut album Digital Angel.

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