Friday, 16 March 2012

This Week's Top 5 Songs IV

Jack White - Love Interruption

This one's a real grower. And an ear worm. And while Jack has always been a pretty good lyricist, I'd say this song has one of the best lyrics he's ever written. It reminds me of Bernie Taupin's lyrics to Elton John's I Want Love (and not only because it begins with the exact same set of words).

I want love to
walk right up and bite me
grab a hold of me and fight me
leave me dying on the ground.

And I want love to
split my mouth wide open and
cover up my ears,
and never let me hear a sound.
I won't let love disrupt, corrupt, or interrupt me anymore.

Haley Reinhart - Free

Yep, I know I already featured this song here a few weeks ago but I finally had the chance to hear the finished studio version - and I'm relieved to say I love it! If it gets enough promotion this song could be a hit. Fingers crossed!

Marcus Collins - Don't Surrender

The stand-out track on Marcus's debut album for me (I'll write a proper review of the album in the next few days). From a song-writing point of view this song is actually REALLY good. The production fits it well and so does Marcus's vocal. Overall a nice surprise.

Rufus Wainwright - Out Of The Game

Musically I wasn't in love with this song at first. It almost felt like I heard the exact same song from Rufus before. But this bitch has started to eat away on my brain & I have to admit I like this song now, very much in fact. And the lyrics are great. Of course they are! It's not like Rufus is not one of the best lyricists out there!

Say, come over here,
let me smell you for one last time
before you go out there
and ruin all of the world, once mine.

I'm outta the game
I've been out for a long time now

Marc Almond - When Bad People Kiss

I almost Feel like it wouldn't be a proper Top 5 Songs post without a Marc Alomond song in it, preferably a slightly obscure one... This week it's When Bad People Kiss and you can find it on a fan club compilation called Little Rough Rhinestones Volume 2 (released in 2006 on Blue Star Music). I love when Marc goes full-on chansonier. Just him and a piano... A great little gem of an original song. I hope it never gets polished, it's perfect as it is.

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