Thursday, 29 March 2012

Haley Reinhart "Free" video

Here it comes! Haley released her debut single (which I LOVE as you can tell by the number of times I've featured it here on my blog) last week and the video for the song has its premiere today.

Even though I spend my life half-living in the world of music and film, I'm generally not as interested in music videos as I probably should be. So a music video premiere is rarely a big event for me. Still, this is Haley and therefore this video by default deserves its own blog entry here.

While Haley looks really hot in it, I have to say I'm not sure I get how her sultry looks and sexy poses relate to the lyrics of the song. She wants to break up w/ a guy who doesn't pay too much attention to her but at the same time she tries to get his attention by doing a sex kitten thing? I have to say though I'm a woman, 80% of the female behaviour baffles me, so maybe this video is more accurate than I think. :)

So, overall not a huge fan of the video per sé but I think it will do. I now wish the song gets played all over the world, the album is great and does great and for world peace.

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