Saturday, 22 December 2012

My Musical Diary XLIII - The Xmas Edition

This week's Diary is a bit of a hybrid. Three "regular" songs, and since it's Xmas in just a few days, also five additional Xmas songs that I count among my favourites. Enjoy!

Hurts - The Road

Hurts have unleashed a new song on us (you can get it if you pre-order their upcoming 2nd album on iTunes) as well as new tour dates (I'm a proud owner of a ticket to its Prague gig) and everything's fine. Now, I'll have to wait for the whole album to see if everything really is fine, but The Road sure is pretty good. A dark, almost Nine Inch Nails-ish ditty, all moody and stuff. I like me some of that.

Stooshe - Betty Woz Gone

I was listening to one of my radios the other day (RIP radios...this service will no longer be available for my country and countless others. booo!) and this song came on. Now, it's not usually what I listen to but for some reason this song just entertains me. I got a listen to this girlband's other songs but I didn't find them half as interesting as this one.

Nancy Sinatra - You Only Live Twice

On Wednesday I finally saw a Bond film in the cinema, the recent one, of course - Skyfall - and I really really liked it. A Bond film with a story! Come again? I came home and felt like listening to Bond theme songs, so I got myself and album and had a bit of Bond listening spree.
Now, many Bond songs are just great pieces of pop. Timeless, beautiful. You Only Live Twice is lesser known than some others (even though the film is pretty good) but the strings motive was famously sampled into Robbie Williams's Millennium, and actually I would count this song among the very best Bond songs.

The Xmas section: my 5 favorite Xmas pop songs

These days I'm not exactly big on Christmas. I don't particularly hate it, I just don't get very excited about it. I also don't listen to Christmas songs at Christmas time much...I tend to listen to the truly good ones any other time throughout the year, but on Christmas, it just gets all too much. Still, what other time should I make a list of my favourite Xmas pop songs on my dear blog, but just now. So, here it goes:

The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song

This is a lesser known but a charming Christmas pop song, that I tend to return to every year even though I don't really listen to the band's "regular" songs.

The Pogues - A Fairytale of New York

Best Christmas song ever? There's just no way I would not feature this gem here.

The Killers - A Great Big Sled

The The Killers are releasing a Christmas single every year, and since they generally are a good band, also most of their Xmas songs are pretty good. That made my job here pretty hard, since I obviously only could choose one of their songs. Now, Joseph, Better You Than Me is probably my favourite of their Christmas releases, but the song itself works well outside of the Christmas context and I personally don't file it under "Christmas Songs" as such, so I decided to choose the Christmassiest one - A Great Big Sled. While lyrically it's still quirky and a wee bit dark, the very first of The Killers' Christmas singles also sounds the most like a Christmas song - in the best possible way. It sounds like a big shiny Las Vegas Christmas tree which is a bit sad since it sits all alone in the middle of a desert.

I want to roll around like a kid in the snow,
I want to re-learn what I already know,
Just let me take flight,
Dressed in red, through the night,
On a great big sled.

Pet Shop Boys - It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas

Let's face it, this is a brilliant Christmas song. Just the lyrics alone are worth framing on the wall and displaying every December.

Christmas is not all it's cracked up to be
Families fighting around a plastic tree
Nothing on the TV that you'd want to see
And it's hardly ever snowing the way it's meant to be
Like in white Christmas year after year

Bing Crosby! Bing Crosby! Are you listening to me?!?!?!

(By the way, it's supposed to be very warm and non-snowy here on Christmas so I guess this song will be my anthem this Xmas time.)

Robert Downey Jr. - River

It was gonna be a tie between Elton's Step Into Christmas and Marc Almond's Christmas in Vegas but I had to give the last place on my list to this Robert's wonderful cover of a Joni Mitchell song. I first discovered it thanks to Ally McBeal and (over) a decade later I still think it's great.

Thanks for reading...feel free to share and comment...and...


Until then....

Love, Peace and Ringo! x

Video bonus:

The Killers - Here With Me

Another week, another brand new Killer music video. This one was directed by Tim Burton and it's therefore sufficiently creepy. Winona Ryder and Craig Roberts star.

Marc Bolan & T. Rex, Elton John, and Ringo Starr - Children of the Revolution

And here's something I randomly stumbled upon on Youtube. A video of Elton John and Ringo Starr jamming with T. Rex on the band's famous song Children of the Revolution. Contains Marc Bolan in a piano (for some reason).

Friday, 14 December 2012

My Musical Diary XLII

Another week has passed, and so I present my version of it to you in the form of another five songs... Geronimo!

Dusty Springfield - In the Middle of Nowhere

Dusty could sing a great torch song but after listening to a best of of hers this week I decided to choose this lesser known upbeat rocking song. I remember being once quite lost, somewhere in Prague, when this song came on on my oldschool discman my utter amusement. The above video includes a hot live version of ...Nowhere, since I couldn't find the version my best of CD features, and which is IMO superior to the regular version.

Bryan Ferry - Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever

On Monday I had the need to listen to this song over and over. Not quite sure why. I actually had not known it before I bought Bryan's These Foolish Things album a few years ago and so I had no idea it was co-written by Stevie Wonder. Well, he did a great job, writing this one, but it's definitely Bryan's delivery that makes this song for me. It's so idiosyncratic, as most of Bryan's early records, but it works, even for this pop-soul ditty. And the band is just hot in this song...even if the arrangement is based on the original record by the Four Tops, the cover just has...bigger balls, to put it simply.

Bear McCreary/Jimi Hendrix/Bob Dylan - All Along the Watchtower

I'm a geek. Bute even though I was really into space and had SF leanings since childhood I only got really into sci-fi in my early twenties, and I've been catching up on SF series and films for the past few years. I'm currently hooked on the noughties' Battlestar Galactica (if anyone's interested: I'd shag Tory, Starbuck and Baltar) and a few days ago I finished the third series. And the third series finale featured this Bob Dylan-penned song quite prominently. BSG's score creator even made his own version of ...Watchtower and had his brother sing it. This version is definitely interesting, even if I prefer either Dylan's original version, or the most famous version by Jimi Hendrix. I'm including them all here, in chronological order - for comparison and for fun. And, if anyone's interested in Bryan Ferry's version which came out on his album Dylanesque, you can listen to it here.

Juliet Simms - Wild Child

Together with Jamar Rogers, Juliet was my favourite contestant on the otherwise kind of unfortunate second season of the US Voice. This woman rocks. Check out her amazing voice on her many covers available on iTunes. Not all of Juliet's fans are happy with this new single of hers. Some are not happy at all, some only hate the semi-rap parts - but I actually love this song. Been addicted to it for a few days and I wish it were available worldwide to buy, not just on the US iTunes. I don't mind it it being poppier than I expected. I might listen to a lot of weird, non-mainstream music, but I also love pop music. Besides, Juliet's voice is gritty and sexy enough to rock even this admittedly pop ditty. Also: Geronimo!

Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks

Well, that wasn't much of a jump, really. I'd heard Little Talks on the radio before but I only really noticed the song on The Voice this season when two contestant duetted on it on the show, while the band (OMAM) watched on. The song makes me want to check out the whole album...reminds me of early Arcade Fire a bit, as well as DeVotchKa, to which I used to listen to years ago.

video bonus:

The Killers - Miss Atomic Bomb video

After a tour video (of which I wrote a few weeks ago) the band has presented us with a half-animated video for Miss Atomic Bomb, as well. The video continues the story from Mr Brightside's video, even going as far as including some of the actors from that video. It's a really well done video, this. Unlike the song, which needs a few listens to become a love affair, the video connects immediately - and especially if you have seen Mr Brightside - and who hasn't. (Personally, Brightside is one of my favourite music videos. Full stop.)

Frank Sinatra appreciation

Frankie would have turned 97 on Wednesday, and so I definitely feel the need to remember him in visual form here. Sinatra was, obviously, not "just" a singer but a very fine actor as well. He played some serious roles, he acted in comedies and he featured in several fine musicals. High Society being probably my favourite of these - I already mentioned loving his duet with Celeste Holm, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, here some time ago. But Frank also duetted with another famous acting baritone in this film. Yep, with Bing Crosby. So here are the two wee men with big voices, giving laughs on Cole Porter's Well, Did You Evah:

And now kiss!

But Frank also gave an excellent performance as a Heroin addict in a 1955 film The Man With The Golden Arm, which you can watch here:

And let's not forget if it weren't for Frank's and the Rat Pack's involvement in 1960's Ocean's Eleven, there might have never been the remakes starring the less musical, more handsome and equally suave George Clooney:

And finally, I would have recommended you to watch a 1965 Frank Sinatra documentary, which used to be available online last year. Sadly it's been taken down since, so instead here's a younger documentary instead, and it's pretty good as well. Enjoy!

Thanks so much for reading. Subscribe, if you want, comment below if you want and - again, if you want - feel free to share this little post. Till next week...when I may or may not do a special Xmas edition....

Peace, Love and Ringo! x

Friday, 7 December 2012

My Musical Diary XLI

Another week has passed and so another blog post with my favourite songs from the last few days is due. Okay, here we go then!

Marc and the Mambas - Caroline Says (live at the Duke of York's Theatre)

I finally got around to watching the recently released DVD of the legendary piece of Marc Almond history, known as the gig at the Duke of York's Theatre, and liked it much better than I expected. I'm not the biggest fan of the Mambas period...which musically is definitely good, but overall it's just very heavy and reeks of drugs and despair. But I discovered the material comes off better in a live setting, which I kind of expected, and came out of the whole experience loving Untitled (which has a great melody in the chorus...more on this song maybe some other time...) but what I did not expect was seeing Marc Almond holding a baby while singing a cover of The Velvet Underground's Caroline Says. The pricelessness of it all.

The above video doesn't have a great quality but it's for free. If you want a better quality, on a DVD, with a CD of the concert as a bonus, check out this link.

Jacques Brel - Le moribond

Marc also sang an English cover of Jacques Brel's Jackie at the aforementioned gig, a song which he recorded and released as a single 8 years later. That inspired me to pick up my Brel best of album to which I hadn't listened to in many years and even though I don't speak French, it's obvious I was missing something after I stopped listening to this double album. I know so many of his songs covered by other artists, sung in English (mainly Marc & Bowie) and Czech (check out this amazing version of La chanson des vieux amants
...doesn't seem this song has been covered in English properly yet), so whenever I dig into his songbook I seem to rediscover new amazing songs. There obviously is a language barrier here, but even though I don't understand most of what Brel is singing, he's the kind of artist who is able to transcend this.

Le moribond is one of the songs which I would never connect with Brel. I knew it it Czech and I knew it in English (Seasons in the Sun), and I hated all of these versions. But when I heard Brel's original I was stunned how much sense the song makes in French. I have no idea what's sung there bar a word here or there but Brel manages to make the song not sound annoying. His version sounds proud, if that makes sense (and looking at the translation, it actually does). Shows you how much power an arrangement and a passionate, unique singer can have over a song.

The Killers - I Feel It in My Bones + video

Another year, another Christmas song by the Killers! The band has been faithfully releasing one since 2006, which makes the latest one the 7th one already. Time flies! The Killers's annual Christmas songs have ranged from comedic to thoughtful to downright depressing, I Feel It In My Bones is a mix of all, best described as dark comedic...and to my ears it actually sounds quite Halloween-y. The song has a strong 80's sound, which would make it fit right into the band's latest album Battle Born. I like the song quite a lot but man, do I absolutely LOVE the video!

Lana Del Rey - Paris

The other day, when I was listening to Afraid, I realised it would be really nice if I could own all of Lana's unreleased songs. So I got them. And I haven't even remotely listened to all of them yet. Christmas time is a busy bitch! So far I've only listened to a few songs which titles appealed to me...and let's face it...Paris is a pretty grabbing song title.

The heroine of of this song fits the archetype of Lana's "official" songs quite well. A small town girl dreaming of the big, glamorous European city she knows from films. She lives in the 50's or 60's...and wasn't Paris back then magical. I love the little grammar tweaks in Lana's lyrics which help to build a whole story around this little retro pop song. And pop it is.....more than the stuff of hers you keep hearing on the radio. Musically it actually reminds me of Lily Allen a bit.

David Bowie - Dead Against It

Another song choice caused by the excellent Pushing Ahead of the Dame blog, analysing Bowie's discography, song by song. The Buddha of Suburbia TV series soundtrack is a kind of a half-forgotten Bowie album. I was able to acquire it only when it was reissued 5 years ago. I listen to this song quite often but for some reason, last night, while reading the blog author's post about it, the song triggered a whole wave of memories of my first visiting the UK 8 years ago...I even had to go and investigate where in London I actually stayed at that time. That whole week-long trip was just so cool. But it's strange. I didn't even know this song at that time...but for some reason Dead Against It (with lyrics having nothing to do with my case) keeps reminding me of this sweet teenage time. Nowadays it's one of my very favourite Bowie songs.

Video bonus:

I usually post music videos here but since none caught my attention last week, there will be none this time. Instead, I'd like to feature some interesting music-related footage I've found on YouTube recently. I should do this more often here, since I keep finding cool stuff online all the time.

Leonard Cohen 1966 TV interview footage

Leonard is talking about poetry here, not singing but damn, wasn't he a wisearse even back then! Compared to today's interviews he definitely seems shier and less sure of himself. At 32, his eyes don't have that glint of the nowadays well known Laughing Len yet, but he already offers some interesting thoughts for his audience to ponder on. And last but not least he's very attractive here, and age-compatible to my 2012 self. If only I had a TARDIS...

Bryan Ferry late November 2012 interview

A pretty good very recent interview with Bryan which touches on his latest album The Jazz Age (which I reviewed here last week) as well as his career, influences, style and all that jazz (no pun intended). Apart from being handsome and not looking his age he also manages to be quite adorable in this interview - and more charming and less awkward and shy than he tends to be on these occasions.

Thanks for reading and I hope you might have even discovered your new favourite song here. If not, check out the older entries of my Diary. Feel free to share this post and to comment below as well.

Till next week...

Love, Peace and Ringo! x

Saturday, 1 December 2012

My Musical Diary XL (week 40)

Time flies, and here's already a 40th edition of my weekly musings about my favourite songs. Here we go then!

Kate Bush  - This Woman's Work (Echoes Remix)

I don't usually like remixes, let alone ones of Kate Bush songs but this one is quite good - and deserves a place here. My thanks go to a fellow Kate Bush fan @Gnaes for alerting me to it.

The Dresden Dolls - Kaledrina

I hadn't listened to this song for a few years before it suddenly decided to get stuck in my head earlier this week.

When I woke up,
My arm was off,
My eye was missing,
My face was cracked,
My mouth was rusting,
My dress was ripped,
A button stuck,

This mechanism,
Seems to be broken.

But pull the string,
Still I can talk:

"My name is Kaledrina, and I love you very much....."

This broken doll imagery is very effective, the "my name" line/chorus is very dramatic and some of Amanda's piano motifs are quite beautiful. Therefore it's a shame this song was never properly recorded. On the other hand, the existing live version does have certain elements which could get lost in a studio treatment.

The Runaways - Cherry Bomb

Sometimes a girl wants a bit of rock'n'roll but doesn't want to listen to a penis. What does a girl turn to then? Joan Jett, Blondie, Hole...or Joan Jett's former family The Runaways. Even if the song was actually co-written by a guy (but Joan, too), it's still a pretty powerful and confident sexual statement. Girls get horny too! Or something. The fact Cherie Currie was only 16/17 when singing this song is a wee bit controversial, but these days this is simply a great, hot rock song that managed to survive decades.

The Bryan Ferry Orchestra - Don't Stop the Dance

Well, The Jazz Age, the album from which the above song comes from, is pretty much my album of the week/month... I originally wanted to include Avalon here but sadly the only TJA cut I can find on YouTube is Don't Stop The Dance - which is not bad by any means...just less funny compared to the original. I totally can't stop listening to this record. Shimmy shimmy.

Leonard Cohen - Take This Waltz

Let's finish this entry off with another sexy gentleman who looks good in a suit. For some reason I kept having the mood for listening to Lenny in the mornings the past few days. It's hilarious, since Lenny has always been considered the ideal companion for lonely nights with a cigar and wine. I suppose what calms down others probably wakes me up. But Take This Waltz is a song you can waltz to, which can totally be considered working out. So it's not such a weird winter morning song choice after all.

The the amazing lyrics of the song are based a Federico García Lorca poem called Pequeño vals vienés and recently they even inspired a Sarah Polley film of the same name (which I've yet to see). The music is very Austrian-Hungarian, but also delightfully Jewish (the more Lenny stays true to Jewish tradition in his melodies, the more I tend to love his songs), and the final result is one of Leonard Cohen's best songs.

And I'll dance with you in Vienna
I'll be wearing a river's disguise
The hyacinth wild on my shoulder
My mouth on the dew of your thighs
And I'll bury my soul in a scrapbook
With the photographs there, and the moss

And I'll yield to the flood of your beauty
My cheap violin and my cross
And you'll carry me down on your dancing
To the pools that you lift on your wrist
Oh my love, oh my love
Take this waltz, take this waltz
It's yours now, it's all that there is

video bonus:

The Rolling Stones - Doom and Gloom video

Doom and Gloom, I just like this song. And it even gets played on the radio...well done, 50 year-old band! Also well done for getting the sexy Swedish actress Noomi Rapace to star in the video for this song (and even show her can see them in the uncensored version by the way). A pretty good video...mainly thanks to Noomi's rock'n'rolling hotness.

Amelia Lily - Shut Up (and Give Me Whatever You Got) video

And more hotness! The video for Amelia's second single is nothing special, but she sure looks shag-worthy in it. For some reason Xonomania production sounds better with a meaty voice like Amelia's, than it does with Girls Aloud's twee voices... Or maybe it's just the song - and Amelia sells it well, leaning against a wall in a promo video and all.

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass tribute video

Two days ago it's been 11 years since my dear Beatlegeorgie left us. I totally cried back then and I totally cried when My Sweet Lord came on the radio on Thursday. Hell, I'm even getting a bit misty-eyed right now. And because I want to drag you to my level of pathetic, I've decided to include this simple fan video to a demo of All Things Must Pass, which is a song that can reduce me to tears whenever I hear it. Combine this with George's childhood pictures, and I hope you're weeping too...

And now that you've dried your eyes, I want to thank you for reading and I hope you'll come back next week for more, like any self-respecting masochist. Share or comment if you want. Till next time....

Love, Peace and Ringo! x

Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Bryan Ferry Orchestra - The Jazz Age - Review

Bryan Ferry has been recording covers of classic 1920's+ songs way before it became fashion in the past few years. His cover versions are never cheap knock-offs, so it's no surprise his newest project which goes into an entirely opposite direction (or does it), is indeed not the complete disaster it could have easily been. It's obvious it was made in good taste, with love and with a portion of subtle humour.

But then this is Bryan Ferry, so I was actually never really worried about this project. Bryan has shown his appreciation and feel for the 20's - 50's pop music over several decades now, therefore him deciding to rework his own compositions, hits as well as as a few lesser known songs, as 20's jazz instrumentals seemed kind of logical and almost obvious.

Most of the album works just brilliantly. Love Is The Drug works well as the original hit as it does as a jazz instrumental, and you can still hear the song in it. In some cases the new arrangements are even improvements on the originals - Avalon is a case in point (my personal taste here...Avalon is my least favourite Roxy Music album).

The whole album is a joy, it just brings a giant smile on my face and keeps it there for its whole 37 minute duration. It's not easy, picking a few highlights on this sort of cohesive instrumental project, but apart from the aforementioned Love Is The Drug and Avalon, I could mention I Thought or Virginia Plain. I Thought in particular is an absolute delight. I had no idea I could love another version of this song as much as I do the studio version of it which is featured on Frantic. Its upbeat rearrangement is in such a stark contrast to the melancholy of the original it's amusing, but it just works so well.

Admittedly, this album is not for everyone. An appreciation for pre-50's music is probably required, as well as being familiar with the Bryan Ferry songbook, which allows you to appreciate the record in all its sometimes hilarious yet tasteful glory.

For me this is hands down one of the best albums of 2012. In a year of underwhelming albums and an overwhelming doom and gloom mood, The Jazz Age brings joy, laughs and good music. I'll be damned if I don't take this witty little retro record over 80% of this year's releases.

Friday, 23 November 2012

My Musical Diary XXXIX

Apart from Little Mix's debut album and a bit of Iggy & Lana I haven't been listening to much else this week. I did watch some interesting stuff though (this amazing Bowie tribute video for one) and the infamous Give My Regards to Broad Street, a Paul McCartney-written music film. Here we go then:

Little Mix - We Are Who We Are

Little Mix released their debut album this past Monday and I've been listening to it a lot. I do like most of it and hope to review it over the weekend here on my blog. We Are Who We Are was one of the instant stand-outs for's a nice piece of optimistic pop. My brain tells me it's not exactly the smartest thing ever written and recorded but my ears and heart don't care.

Paul McCartney - Eleanor's Dream

Finally got the chance to watch Give My Regards to Broad Street in full a few days ago and once I accepted it wasn't a proper film or a proper musical, I actually enjoyed quite a lot of it. My favourite part was Eleanor's Dream, featuring historical costumes and some nice score music which used elements from Eleanor Rigby. I'd seen bits of this sequence before and always thought the visuals were beautiful, the colours very painting-y, and was curious about the context of it in the film. Well, I'm none the wiser after seeing the film. But it looked and sounded pretty. Success.

The video that I chose here starts right with my favourite motif of this piece, which repeats throughout the whole sequence.

David Bowie - Space Oddity

Finally got to the release of Bowie's second album in my Any Day Now book and as everyone knows, Space Oddity was Bowie's first proper hit (reached no. 5 in November 1969) but I haven't given it my love here yet. Apart from Heathen's songs, Space Oddity was one of the first Bowie songs I ever heard a decade ago, while discovering his music for the first time. While I had to find my way to most of his other songs, I connected to this one right on the first listen. I understood its musical language and I immediately made up my own story on top of the song's. It was the first Bowie song that I truly loved.

The girl who grew up reading about Space and who later, once she already figured out she wouldn't become an astronaut because she was shitty at maths, spent many an evening reading Ray Bradbury's short stories, knew after she finished listening to Space Oddity for the first time, that Bowie was going to stay in her life. And he did.

Here's an earlier version of the song, recorded for the Love You Till Tuesday promotional film. The video is cute but I put it here because I have soft spot for this first version of Space Oddity. It's less fancy than the famous version but it features some nice vocal harmonies and a flute.

Iggy Pop - Dum Dum Boys

This song combines the industrial Berlin influences (and Bowie influences) with the hypnotic sound of The Stooges first record's We Will Fall. You look at the duration of the song and go...that's a bit too long! But the song grabs you and doesn't let you go until the very end. People like me don't need drugs, Iggy's enough.

Lana Del Rey - Gods and Monsters

In the land of gods and monsters, I was an angel,
Looking to get fucked hard.

Now, top these lyrics.

video bonus:

Robbie Williams - Different

I hate the song, more or less, but the video is quite good.

Thanks for reading and come back next week for more of my blabbings about my favourite songs.

Till then....

Love, Peace and Ringo! x

Saturday, 17 November 2012

My Musical Diary XXXVIII

Musically, the past week existed for me in the name of Bryan Ferry & Lana Del Rey. So no surprise they appear in my top 5 songs this week. Here we go!

Bryan Ferry - These Foolish Things

Been listening to Bryan a lot this week - and coincidentally he has a new album out very soon - and since These Foolish Things is one of my favourite albums of his (this guy know how to cover someone else's song & often times even improve on it), I ended up listening to this song a few times. It then got completely stuck in my head for several days and I didn't really mind. He delivers it very, very well (I love the fact he uses an English accent, not a mid-Atlantic one). And looks hot while delivering it, too, as the above video shows...

Lana Del Rey - Bel Air

And from one unique vocalist with great looks we move on to the next one. Lana released The Paradise Edition of her debut album Born to Die this week and all of the new songs on it are really good. Bel Air though, is a special, eerie one. It could even be a Kate Bush song, it does have the Kate quality to it. The piano in the verses, the angelic vocals in the chorus... Amazing.

Little Mix - Going Nowhere

And here is my favourite new girlband. Their new album comes out on Monday (at least in the UK...I hope here soon as well) and one of songs on it was co-written by my dear Nicola Roberts. I can totally hear her in this song (esp. in the lyrics) but at the same time the production retains Little Mix's own throwback sound (whereas Nicola is more of a sonic visionary). A pretty good song. Looking forward to the album.

Michaela Paige/Neon Trees - Everybody Talks

I discovered this song last week thanks to one of my favourite contestants on The Voice US who, sadly and mindbogglingly, got eliminated too soon. Since I can't buy the contestants' versions of songs on iTunes, I at least bought the original. I feel kind of bad I didn't listen to this band before, because I knew about them thanks to The Killers who championed them a few years ago and who also had them as a support act on one of their tours. I don't like the band's frontman's voice as much as I like Michaela's but it's a good song either way.

Bryan Ferry - Sign of the Times

Bryan's own song, released in 1978. A response of sorts, to the punk rock movement (and probably also to Jerry Hall leaving him for Mick Jagger). I wonder what he was on when he wrote this one, and especially when he recorded the vocal. And it doesn't end there. The video is another big WTF. The beard, the eagle. What on earth?? But I love the absurdity of it all.

Thanks for reading guys........see ya next week! (Share & comment if you want etc.)

Peace, Love and Ringo! x

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Robbie Williams - Take The Crown (Deluxe edition) - REVIEW

Robbie is back!

With a new album as well as on the very top of the UK singles chart. Even though his album reunion with Take That was a critical as well as commercial success, it's nice to see him releasing new solo material again.

Recently I've realised he's pretty much the only male mainstream solo artist that I listen to - and have listened to for over a decade. Unlike say Adam Lambert or MIKA, his vocal style is quite relaxed (e.g. he doesn't produce sounds only audible to dogs) and the number of popular music genres he sings is even broader than the fusion of styles in the aforementioned singers' output. But at the same time, the biggest quirks in his discography are electro-pop sounds and rapping about his childhood - stuff that both my classic rock loving friend and my pretty songs loving mum can digest easily.

He earned my respect with his Royal Albert Hall concert (hearing him sing My Way live was the moment I stopped thinking of him as that twat who sheds his skin and probably can't sing live) and once I started to properly listen to Pet Shop Boys (which coincided with Robbie's decision to go more electronic) I've become a fan.

That all being said...I was at first very excited about the new album. Then I heard a few samples on iTunes and was a bit underwhelmed, which in turn made me initially very positively surprised when I finally bought the album this week and gave it several proper listens. Let's break the album down song by song:

Be A Boy: One of the few songs on the album that are memorable right on first listen. Initially it's for the wrong reasons (the backing vocals are reminiscent of Use Somebody's backing vocal hook) but the more it's played the more the song grows on the listener and grips them with an arrangement which would sit comfortably on either of Robbie's previous albums. And then there are the lyrics about coming of age in several ways. One of my very favourites on the album.

They said it was leaving me
The magic was leaving me
I don’t think so
I don’t think so

They said it was leaving
They said it with joy
Now I could make this last forever
And be a boy, and be a boy

Gospel: A real grower. Fell in love with it when listening to it for the third time. For some reason the word that keeps popping up in my mind is "sweet" - but not in a schmaltzy way. In a mature, subtle sort of way. It's entirely possible at least part of the song is about Rob remembering his teenage masturbating-in-his-room days but it could just be me projecting stuff...

Candy: Sweet, silly Candy. This song is so catchy, so naturally it made it to the very top of the UK charts. I love dancing like a loon to it when it comes on the radio (and it's VERY popular in my country), I love singing along those "hey ho"s. It's a feel good silliness and it's not supposed to be deep, so I take it as such. Will it ever feature on a potential My Fave Robbie Songs list? Nope.

Different: The future second single. On first listen it left me completely underwhelmed. I even joked it was the Gary Barlow Ballad Effect. I completely tuned out while listening to it for the second time. The thing is, the verses are quite good, including the solid lyrics but once the bridge comes the song kind of dissolves and the chorus is 100% pure Barlow at his worst, including incredibly cliché lyrics. (For the record I do like some of Gary-written ballads and mid-tempos. This one is not it.) I personally hate the chorus and as a result 70% of the song. It's a shame (no pun intended) but it doesn't mean it won't be a hit. I really really dislike Take That's Rule The World - and it's one of their biggest hits in the UK...

Shit on the Radio: Not a song I would skip while listening to the album but at the same time the song's not exactly very...interesting. Average unobtrusive uptempo pop song.

All That I Want: A late 70's Roxy Music vibe combined with vocals reminiscent of crooney Iggy Pop or David Bowie...and all that wrapped in an 80's new wave-ish pop production. It actually works really well and it's one of my favourite songs on the album.

Hunting for You: This song has a kind of indie folk-pop vibe. The sort that is pretty popular these days but I couldn't name one artist playing maybe? I quite like the song but I suppose I wouldn't buy it if it weren't Robbie's.

You could waste away in fashion
When you chase
The daylight home

Into the Silence: A ballad/mid-tempo song which is far superior to Different. Its lyrics are not sucky for one. Still, I don't exactly love this song, it's a wee bit too overproduced.

When karma reaches you
I wanna be there 
to catch that fall
Get down beside you 
and watch you crawl

Hey Wow Yeah Yeah: The note I made while listening to this song for the first time reads "Kylie's Timebomb on testosterone". I suppose that pretty much sums this one up. The liveliest, rockiest song on the album.

Not Like The Others: This one would fit on any pre-Rudebox album. An easily approachable rock song. It could easily be a crowd-pleaser on Robbie's stadium-sized gigs. A jumping, fist-pumping opportunity.

Underneath the covers
You and I are not like the others

Losers: A natural progression of sincere guitar ballads such as Misunderstood, Make Me Pure or Better Man. While in Make Me Pure Robbie adds but not yet, here he is all grown up and over it. Lissie, an American folk-rock singer songwriter duets with Robbie on this one and they sound good together.

Don't care about being a winner
Or being smooth with women
Or going out on Fridays
Being the life of parties
Don't care about being harder
Or being Daddy's favourite
Or if you think I'm a mimic
Or if I am a loser

Reverse: This poor little song is not exactly memorable. I suppose it will grow on me at some point, because it's not a bad song, or even a boring song. Most likely it suffers from being placed where it is on the album. Reverse actually reminds me of the stuff on The Killers' recent album Battleborn. Which could explain why it's not exactly memorable. ... Oh well.

Eight Letters: We already know this one from Take That's Progress, where it also was the official closing track. Take That's version is sung by Gary Barlow, who is a more proper and more pretty-sounding vocalist, but being a Robbie fan of sorts I obviously prefer Robbie's singing, therefore I like this version better than the original. And it's not only because of the vocal, the arrangement and production of this version are more organic sounding (and not dissimilar to the sound of Kylie Minogue's Abbey Road Sessions album).

What is the final verdict then?
Take The Crown is Robbie trying to get back on the top of the charts and so far he's been successful with that goal. Mainly thanks to Candy, which sounds nothing like the rest of the album though. The album itself is a less obvious brand of pop - a fusion of his classic brit-pop sound and his more recent electro/synth-pop leanings, and this mix works pretty well, actually. But the album also has one big doesn't exactly grab you right on the first listen and many of the songs need to be listened to several times for one to get hooked on them. This could be a problem, it being presented as big pop album and all. But the quality is there. With each listen I find another favourite and that rarely happens to me with a new pop album.

Take The Crown is a success, if a less obvious one.

Friday, 9 November 2012

My Musical Diary XXXVII

Another Friday, another Diary... Enjoy!

Robbie Williams - Be A Boy

The opening track of Robbie's brand new album Take the Crown is a fast grower and makes a fitting bridge between Robbie's previous album. At this moment my favourite new Robbie song. More about those in my upcoming review of the album.

They said it was leaving me
The magic was leaving me
I don’t think so
I don’t think so

They said it was leaving
They said it with joy
Now I could make this last forever
And be a boy, and be a boy

Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out of My Head

The Abbey Road Sessions, an album with reworked versions of Kylie's hits, came out the previous week and it's actually quite amazing. The new arrangements make me like songs that I wasn't previously so keen on as well as even improve on some of my Kylie favourites. Can't Get You Out of My Head is the latter case. The original is pretty much a perfect pop song, but the new version adds an orchestra and injects new drama into this song. Like this it would work perfectly as a Bond song, for instance. But the whole album is a treat. Definitely a recommended listen!

Enjoy a live version of this arrangement:

Christina Aguilera - Just A Fool (feat. Blake Shelton)

(song starts at 1:08, but watch the introduction too :) )

Xtina is going to have a new album (Lotus) out soon as well and she's previewing some of the tracks on her YouTube channel. If you feel like it, check all of them out. It's shaping up to be a pretty good pop album, in my opinion.

My favourite from these songs is a duet with her fellow coach on The Voice, CMA Entertainer of the Year and one of the most successful American country singers of today, Blake Shelton. I didn't know Blake prior to The Voice but he sure has become one of my favourite TV personalities. I'm still not familiar with his music (though I own a few of his wife's songs...his wife = Miranda Lambert), so I don't quite know how this song compares to his usual stuff. Country music today is very pop-oriented - I'd never guess Taylor Swift was a country artist, for instance - so I guess Just A Fool would fit comfortably in a pop-country artist's discography. Both Christina and Blake sound great on this song, it's the sort of power pop Kelly Clarkson sounds like an actual meaty song, not some thrown together dance fluff, but it still could be a big hit, in the US, as well as here.

Sparks - This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Both of Us

Apart from Robbie and Kylie's new albums I wasn't really listening to much else last week, and because both albums are all good mature pop, I got a craving for something batshit crazy. And this song immediately popped into my mind. So I finally bought it on iTunes a few days ago and keep enjoying this nutty amazingness...

David Bowie - When I Live My Dream

One of the songs featured on Bowie's very first album, released in 1967 (on the 1st June, the same day The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album came out). Even though there are many weird-ish songs on it, to my ears Bowie is most successful at straight 60's pop tracks such as this one.

I'm in the process of reading a book on Bowie's early years called Any Day Now: The London Years and I finally arrived into the period in which Bowie started his solo recording career. I have a soft spot for his two 60's albums, plus since I read about the first album in the book two days I ago I've had this little ditty stuck in my head. Through all the weirdness and ever-changing quality of his career and musical output, this man always knew how to write an ear worm...

Here's a video (taken from a promotional film, called Love You Till Tuesday, which was released in 1969, the version of the song is different to the original album version embedded above). Even though David was wearing a hideous wig here, he's still darn cute. Also, his first serious girlfriend, Hermione, appears in the video.

Video bonus:

Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra - Do It With A Rockstar

This video's just come out and, obviously, I love it. Even though I hope my mum won't walk up on me when I watch it. There's nudity. And sex. Duh! The song's called Do It With A Rockstar after all. The best part of the video is the very end, in which one of my very favourite cool people on the planet, Jherek Bischoff, the bass player in the Grand Theft Orchestra, reveals his preference in bed companions...

By the way, I did see Amanda and the band live last Monday and loved it. Thought I would write a blog, alas didn't...what could I write after all? If you can, go see them play live, because they are GREAT. Especially Jherek. Hawk.

Thanks for reading, share...comment etc....and till next week...

Love, Peace and Ringo! x

Saturday, 3 November 2012

My Musical Diary XXXVI

Hola! Sorry about the lack of blog yesterday. My fingers had an encounter with super glue (which is in no way super, it's just useless shite). Here are my five songs of the past week - hope you'll enjoy them, as well as my blabbings.

Chavela Vargas - La Llorona

Featuring this song has been inspired by an episode of Grimm, a TV show I've grown fond of in the past year. The show's Halloween episode worked the Mexican tale of la Llorona into its narrative and it immediately reminded me of the soundtrack to one of my favourite films - Frida, a 10 year old biopic about the painter Frida Kahlo. The soundtrack features two versions of the Mexican folk song telling the tale of la Llorona, a Weeping Woman - essentially a ghost with whom Mexican parents scare kids into sleep. One of these versions is sung by Chavela Vargas, a Mexican singer who, after coming out at the age 81, claimed she had an affair with Frida herself. Vargas sadly passed away a few months ago but she was performing and recording well into her 90's.

I love Vargas's version of this song. It makes me understand the sad tale of la Lorona even though I don't understand Spanish. Padro Almódovar reportedly called Vargas "the rough voice of tenderness", which is the best description of her style. I'm fascinated by her singing and I hope I'll have the opportunity to hear more.

As for the Frida soundtrack...definitely a recommended listen. The instrumentals by Elliot Goldenthal are amazing, and mix with the Mexican songs used in the film so very well. One of my favourite soundtrack albums ever.

And example of one of the instrumental pieces: The Floating Bed

And the closing, sung, track Burn It Blue, performed by Caetano Veloso & Lila Downs

I haven't yet managed to watch Frida without being in tears by the end, and I suspect the above song has a lot do with that...

Willie Nelson - Blue Skies

Even though I don't listen to country much, my favourite version of this 1926 Irving Berlin song is Willie Nelson's. Yes, I like it even more than the one by Star Trek TNG's late Lt. Cmdr. Data (aka Brent Spiner). It's a great song and a great version, which made it here mostly thanks to weather, BUT if I thought about these things, I'd quite fancy this as my funeral song. There you go.

Elton John - Someone Saved My Life Tonight

I watched the Elton 60 DVD box set with mum last weekend and it was fun seeing Elton and his band age through the years (mum: "The less hair he had the bigger sunglasses he wore.") and once again I was struck by the amazing talent that Elton has. Underneath the costumes, wigs, tiaras and drama, he is an amazing songwriter as well as performer. No-one can sing his songs better. Seeing Elton play an acoustic version of Sorry and Someone in 1976 is unforgettable. No showing off, no vocal acrobatics and still no other version of these songs can surpass the simplicity and genius of these performances.

Someone is probably my favourite Elton song. If you put a gun to my head and told me I had 10 seconds to name my favourite Elton song, this one would be it. Autobiographical (the brilliant lyrics written by his main songwriting partner Bernie Taupin), a dramatic and sweeping tune, it's one of Elton's most complete songs and one that doesn't get overplayed and over-covered too much, thankfully.

And it's one more beer
And I don't hear you anymore
We've all gone crazy lately
My friends out there rolling round the basement floor


It's four o'clock in the morning
Damn it listen to me good
I'm sleeping with myself tonight*
Saved in time, thank God my music's still alive

*the recorded version has "with myself" but as far as I know Elton always performed it as "by myself", which is kind of more boring but also more bleak

Tubeway Army - Are 'Friends' Electric?

Last Sunday, while watching the latest X Factor UK performances on YouTube I realised, thanks to Jade Ellis's performance of Sugababes' Freak (which uses a sample of Friends) that I haven't listened to Gary Numan in ages. And Friends is definitely a great song. For me probably the best he ever wrote, but then I'm not familiar with most of Numan's solo discography. It's almost chilling how appropriate the song sounds nowadays.

You know I hate to ask
But, are `friends’ electric?
Mine’s broke down
And now I’ve no one to love

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? Is it a dildo? Is it a robot? Is it a friend on Facebook?

This is one bleak, lonely song.

Amelia Lily -Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)

After all of the seriousness of the above choices, let's have a bit of fresh poppy pop. Poppy pop can be good for the soul. Amelia Lily has just unveiled her second single. I quite like it. I live for the "oooooo dooooo"s. They are the best part of the single. They are brilliant.

Video bonus:

The Killers - Miss Atomic Bomb

The Killers released this video for their newest single yesterday. It's a sweet tour video. And it features about two seconds of a shirtless Brandon Flowers . Sadly we can only see his back. Ronnie shows us a bit more though...

Thanks for reading! Share or comment if you wish and till next week...

Love, Peace and Ringo! x

Friday, 26 October 2012

My Musical Diary XXXV

A weird foggy week behind sun and no new music. I did get my Theatre Is Evil vinyl package though. And I did listen to my other favourites, so the following entry reflects that. No new blings but rather some old gems...

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - Smile (Pictures or It Didn't Happen)

It's amazing being able to listen to Amanda's great recent album on vinyl now. And (hopefully) seeing her and the band live in 3 days will be even more amazing. Right now I have the opening song from Theatre Is Evil stuck in my head, so that's why it ended up here. A great dramatic song with an anthemic quality to it. Enjoy and go get the album if you haven't yet (you can pay as much for it as you want).

Marc Almond - Gosudaryunia

It was incredibly grey, foggy and bleak last week so I was in the right mood for a lot of Marc Almond music, especially his first Russian album Heart On Snow, even if I believe its season is yet upon I'll survive January and February I'd like to know. For now though, enjoy this great song which is actually in English - so if you have a fear of the Russian language, you don't have to run away... And if you're like me and curious what the title of the song means, check out this link.

Blondie - Picture This

I love Debbie Harry. I've made that clear on this blog several times now. Picture This is one of the first Blondie songs I ever knew and one of my very favourites. It's mature and sexy. This is no naive girl singing this, this is a woman in her early 30's wanting "something more solid" with a guy she dates but at the same time she's very sensual about it. And on top of this, the song has a great tune. It's a bit dramatic, sweeping and cool at the same time. Picture This is when I fell in love.

There's never enough of this song, so here's a live version:

Robbie Williams - Heart and I

Heart and I is a song only available on Robbie's best of album In and Out of Consciousness and it's a song that I overlooked for years (2 years, that is). It starts out as a ballad so I always seemed to skip it but I let it play while doing my hair the other day and was all woah, that's a pretty good song! Also the lyrics are quite good for what is essentially a b-side.

I hope there's a golden age, I pray for my sanityWhere we don't have to answer to anyone about anythingThis is not like the brochure, flying cars and sex machinesWe're all so compliant 'cause everything is what it seems
And they can't build a satellite to tell you how loved you areOr some kind of life device that holds you in you've gone too far
And I don't feel myself again, I thought I'd be fixed by nowWalking through the horizon, I find myself back here somehowGive me something to die for or design a quiet mindSomething to like mankind for 'cause we don't lie, my heart and I
You've been bending so long now, you think it's standing upAnd they line up behind you to build you up, buttercupWe can lose all meaning quicker than a credit cardAnd not everyone's healing so try your best and don't look too hard
'Cause they can't build a satellite to tell you what's in your heartOr some kind of life device to hold you in, you've gone too far
And I don't feel myself again, I thought I'd be fixed by nowWalking through the horizon, I find myself back here somehowGive me something to die for or design a quiet mindSomething to like mankind for 'cause we don't lie my heart and I
Will I ever feel that waking? Make it as a lullabyDon't ask me to explain again, I can't lie to my heart and I
And I don't feel myself again, I thought I'd be fixed by nowWalking through the horizon, I find myself back here somehowGive me something to die or design a quiet mindSomething to like mankind for 'cause we don't lie my heart and I
My heart and I, my heart and II've been feeling so lonelyFeeling so lowSo low I almost let go

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence

I was listening to the Merry Christmas... soundtrack the other night, while reading Any Day Now, an excellent biography of David Bowie's early years (1947 - 1974). Seemed only fitting. Ryuichi is one of my favourite film score composers and I discovered him thanks to this piece of of music and thanks to this Nagisa Oshima-directed film, in which Ryuichi stars together with Bowie, Tom Conti and Takeshi Kitano. Definitely recommended viewing!

They were all honourable men, but oh what deeds could be done in the name of honour.

Thanks for reading! As usual, sharing and comments are encouraged... Till next week...

Love, Peace and Ringo!

Friday, 19 October 2012

My Musical Diary XXXIV

Earlier this week I ranted about new music from artists I like being disappointing this autumn but in this entry I'll be positive as usual. So here's the music that's brought me good vibrations this week (okay, even I am cringing at the good vibrations choice of words...but sometimes the cliché works best, right?).

Little Mix - We Are Young acoustic

Little Mix were adorably counting down to the reveal of their new video (see in the bonus section) on their YouTube channel this week and I ended up browsing through their other uploaded stuff the other day - and found a gorgeous acoustic version of fun.'s We Are Young song. Now, while the song itself is a bit of a mess (catchy anthemic chorus but weird folky quirky verses and bridge), Little Mix's live acoustic version is a treat. None of the ladies is an amazing singer but they are exceptionally good for a girlband. Whenever I hear them singing a capella together or in an acoustic arrangement they definitely impress me. They revealed pretty early on than this is their strength and I'm glad they keep on showing us what they can do.

Girls Aloud - Something New

Another girl band. This one I still haven't learned to love (except for one of its members - Nicola Roberts - whom I adore). At first listen I was all "I hate this, sounds like everything else on the radio and Nicola doesn't even get a proper solo on it", after the second one I went "It's catchy, I could dance to this...and some of it could be on Nicola's solo album". And now after I watched the video and heard the song for the third time I actually quite love it. Oh well... some songs grow on you...

Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl

I'd like to dedicate this one to Lana Del Rey.

In all seriousness, though. I've rediscovered this song last week thanks to some old NME article on guitar riffs...or was it bass lines? Either way, I'd completely forgotten about this fun rock track. Aww, the first half of the noughties, it was a great period for fun guitar rock. Where did that go...

David Bowie - Stay

This song's riff can get me all ready for bedroom action, I can tell ya! Need I really say more?

Well, I will. It's one of my favourite Bowie songs ever (and not only because it makes me sex-ready...even though, that's what rock is about, n'est-ce pas?) and the following live version from 2000 started to play on my player the other night, it made me remember how many times I listened to it when I still listened to CDs only. You can find this excellent version on the Bowie at the Beeb compilation, disc 3. I'm surprised the CD still works because I played that compilation over and over...and over. This version features the original Stay lead guitarist Earl Slick and in hindsight, having heard other Bowie guitarists take a stab at this song live, I still think Earl plays it the best.

Enjoy the live version below:

Robyn - Dancing On My Own

The ultimate stalker anthem. Or the ultimate anthem for someone who sometimes dances alone in their room (me). I danced the fuck out of this song a few nights ago. One of the best pop song ever, in my opinion (aka Robyn is the real Queen of Pop, forget about the Italian Americans!).

P.S. I prefer the album version posted above but if you wanna check out the official video, click here.

Video bonus:

It's been a great week for videos, y'all.

Lana Del Rey - Ride video

I was in the winter of my life and the men I met along the road were my only summer.

Amazing. It's Lana doing her own version of Easy Rider. If you want to, check out this short analysis of the video on Pop Trash Addicts.

Little Mix - DNA video

And here we have another film inspiration. Is it just me or is this video heavily Sin City inspired? Anyway, I like it a lot. These girls are adorable. Oh, and Leigh-Ann is hot.

Jack White - I'm Shakin' video

And now a male hottie. Or at least a taller, pasty Johnny Depp lookalike/occasional Elvis Presley: Jack White. I find this seemingly simple video quite hot. I keep on waiting for the two Jacks to start fighting each other and then segue into a make-out session. I clearly need to get laid.

I hope all the sex talk in my latest edition of Diary brought some good vibrations your way as well...Share & comment if you wish and till next week.........

Love, Peace & Ringo!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Autumn Blues Rant aka We Lost Love

A lot of my more or less favourite artists have released albums or at least songs in the last two months and while I planned on writing reviews on some of the bigger albums (MIKA, The Killers, Muse, Green Day) I haven't yet and I most likely never will because I'm just so underwhelmed by them all. I haven't even given a proper listen to MIKA's new album (does he still style his name in capital letters btw?) and amidst all the news about Green Day I somehow missed the fact the first of the planned 3 new albums is already out.

So instead I'm writing this. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? Rock is mostly boring and all pop acts are  starting to sound the same. Help. Only Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams (from what I've heard from his upcoming album) and so far the newbies Little Mix are staying away from their music sounding like this. This sound was fun last year, in small doses. Now everything sounds more or less like it. Including some of my pop favourites who I thought should know better (I'm looking at you Icona Pop).

I was hoping the songs on The Killers' newest album Battle Born would grow on me individually since the album is just unbearable to listen to in one go. I tend to listen to them on songs basis and not on album basis anyway. But the songs just keep underwhelming me, at least half of them. And that is not good. Ditto Muse.

This has not been a great few months for music, I'm afraid. Thank god for Amanda Palmer and the Pet Shop Boys, saving Autumn for me so far.

I'll go listen to Uno now...maybe it will be worth writing about..?

Friday, 12 October 2012

My Musical Diary XXXIII

The 33rd edition of my Diary turned out pretty rock. If this is not your first time seeing my blog you already know I have a very eclectic musical taste, so the homogeneity of the following entry might come as a surprise. But there you go. It was a week of hard work and hard music...

Garbage - Shut Your Mouth

And the world spins by 
With everybody moaning 
Pissing, bitching and everyone is shitting 
On their friends 
On their love 
On their oaths 
On their honor 
On their graves 
Out their mouths 
And their words say nothing 

I honestly don't remember why I decided to re-listen to the only Garbage album I own earlier this week. Probably some article I saw online? All I know is I couldn't believe the album's already 11 years old. Makes me feel truly ancient. (Mother today: The shop assistant was really cute, wasn't he. Too bad he was about 10 years younger than you! *** No way that guy was 15! Mum needs a sight check! Also to keep her mouth shut!) And indeed. This song is about people telling you stupid stuff and you wanting to punch them in the face and shut up. (I'm in no way implying my mum is stupid or that I wanna punch her. Not my old dear. In case she discovered this blog and ran it through Google Translate). I used to love this song - it's a brilliant opening track, and in fact it sounds even better now than when it came out. Why is the music scene, the rock scene in particular, so lackluster this autumn, anyway?

Green Day - Troublemaker

Green Day are a good case in point. But, I actually love this track. Apparently I'm supposed to hate it and all that, but actually I quite enjoy for once in a decade they are not singing about Bush. This is a straightforward sexy punk-rock(pop?) song. Catchy. Not pretending to be anything else.

The Rolling Stones - Doom and Gloom

And from a band that's about as old as me we move on to a band who is almost as old as my parents (nah....they wish they were that young!). I'm not a Stones fan (Beatlemaniac till the day I die) but this is a solid song..........riding on the Zeitgeist. A fresh, rocking 70's-sounding song. And the lyrics "baby dance with me" leave me with the image of Jagger and his hun David prancing around in the Dancing in the Street video, so all is well in the end.

Iggy Pop - Wild America

This song might have been featured in my diary already but 33 weeks into doing this I can no longer afford not to to repeat myself. I've been listening to this song quite a lot this week. To Iggy in general but to this song in particular, because it's one of Iggy's best. Ever.

They got all kinds of fuckin' stuff 
They got everything you could imagine 
They' re so God dammed spoiled 
They' re poisoned inside 
They judge a man by what he's got 
And they want to have more and more 
More power, more freedom 
Taller kids, longer lives 
Everything, bigger houses, slaves, woa

The guitar riff is AMAZING. Also whenever this song plays I imagine Iggy as a Dalek. Because the chorus features the word "exterminate" and I'm a mad Whovian who cried over a stupid Rory's Dad Gets To Know His Son Is Never Coming Back video a few hours ago.

The Police - Message in a Bottle (the voice, police)

The relationship between me and Sting is very complicated. I saw him in Ally McBeal and totally didn't get why the women were so ecstatic about him (he's ewww). I used to listen to his solo stuff. The album with the song about the rose and desert. I particularly like one song on it. Something about clock. I then started to hate him. Must have been at about the same time I stopped listening to U2 and avoiding Bono at all costs. I was over these prancers. Who needs them when you've got Bowie.

So as of now I haven't voluntarily listened to any of his stuff for years. I can only stomach his songs  when sung by someone else (Roxanne on Community, Roxanne on The Voice..) and it was thanks to The Voice US I re-discovered another of his ancient 70's songs: Message in a Bottle. De'Borah, one of my favourites on the show performed it together with another artist in the battle round and after repeated viewings got me hooked on this song all over again. So much passion and soul! Sting wouldn't be able to accumulate all that in a lifetime. He's called Sting after all.

Enjoy De'Borah's version below and forgive the guy singing with her, he must have been really nervous...

Video Bonus: 

Misha B. - Do You Think of Me video

I haven't written about this song earlier because while it is quite good, I'm just tired of this particular sound. Why does everything sound like that these days? Anyway, a video came out a few days ago and...I have to made me cry. It changes the meaning of the song and call me easily manipulated but it worked on me.

P!nk - Try video

P!nk used to be a gymnast and it shows - when you see her perform on tour or just here, interpreting her song through contemporary dance. Amazing.

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Till next week....

Love, Peace and Ringo!