Saturday, 3 September 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day; review of episodes 8 & 9 (possible spoilers for UK people)

Can someone tell me how many species live inside the Earth? Have the Silurians met the Blessing?

Torchwood: Mircale Day starts making more and more sense but every new episode keeps undermining its predecessors. The latest two episodes being no exeption.

I liked both episodes 8 and 9 but at the same time neither of them made me completely satisfied. I was a bit mad that the Angelo storyline went more or less nowhere. On the other hand, its resolution in End of the Road allowed John Barrowman's acting to shine. The scene at Angelo's bedside was great - and it's thanks to the script as much as John's acting. And I'm usually not a fan of John trying to do "staright", dramatic acting.

I tend not to notice plot holes unless they're the size of Jupiter but if there was one thing that bugged me about episode 8, it was the fact Jack told everyone that the morphic field thing should not be touched; yet he and what was left of his team spent about 5 minutes there, giving it a good fondling while plotting what to do next, and the agents didn't bat an eyelid. Quite amusing when you think about it.

At this point I'd like to give a shoutout to John de Lancie, playing the head of the CIA. I hope we won't get a last minute shocker of him being part of the Family business. His character is wonderfully arrogant and wisecrack-prone but definitely gives the air of being the right man for his job.

Episode 9 was quite good but just like in the case of its predecessor something pissed me off about it - "2 months later". Really?
The Gathering had 2 high points for me. Gwen & her mum being made to let go of Gwen's father (I'd side with the government here) was its serious point. I liked that this scene didn't dissolve into pathos but it was poignant enough - after all this time of not really caring about this storyline I finally felt connected to the Coopers.
The other high point of the 9th episode was Oswald Danes's "Woah. Woah. Woah. Woah." once he saw a drop of Jack's blood sliding towards the Blessing. It kind of underlined the ridiculousness of the whole thing for me. So I looked into the Blessing....was I supposed to be floored by the sight? Or by the reveal itself? It all kinda resulted into "meh." for me. If the final episode of Torchwood doesn't bring something exeptionally thought-provoking or...I dunno...WOW...I'm gonna feel this whole series was a wasted opportunity.

I didn't enjoy Children of Earth but that series made sense and was thought-provoking and from I remember (watched it only once) pretty well made.
Miracle Day feels a like the inhabitants of the Junk-yard planet from The Doctor's Wife. The parts are OK but their sum doesn't quite add up. Stuff is hanging out, other parts missing. Actually, there's just a lot of spare stuff hanging out, really.

P.S. Just realized that while writing this review(-ish thing) I was listening to the soundtrack to The Da Vinci Code. How appropriate considering Miracle Day has practically boiled down to family and (Jack's) blood...