Saturday, 13 August 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day; review of episodes 1-6 (possible spoilers for UK people)

First of all I should say I'm not a huge fan of big season(s)-encompassing story arcs. I like seeing character development, yes, but I'm frankly tired of every season of Doctor Who having a Bad Wolf or cracks. I'd be totally happy with stand-alone episodes w/ no bigger season-long mystery. Alas that is not what this age is about.

My favourite season of Torchwood was the second one, w/ Tosh & Owen being my favourite characters. I especially loved Owen after he died for the first time, I wish he could have stayed that way forever. He'd have made a great spy (cue Burn Gorman's character on The Hour).

The Afterelton/Afterellen recapper Heather Hogan sometimes includes Infinity and Beyond scenarios in her hilarious Torchwood recaps and those definitely make you realize that you in fact don't wanna watch Miracle Day but you wanna see Ianto, Tosh, Owen & newly Vera fuck about the Cradiff hubb & chase aliens. Watching Rex, Gwen, Esther & Jack is interesting, yes, but I, personally, just don't find much joy in it. Bar Gwen's occasional moments of badassery.

At this point I'm not sure which role will Oswald Danes play in the whole story. So far he's only involved in a hopefully improbable storyline about people being all into a child rapist after he said WE ARE ANGELS. Is his character more than a cheap shot at being conroversial, on the part of the writers?

And why is Jack only guest-starring in his own show? So far he realized he was mortal, kept stalking Danes, had his scene stolen by a PhiCorp middle man & had sex (and a proper hangover). Episode 7 promises to include more of his part of the story but won't it be too little too late? On the other hand I'll rather watch that than my dear John Barrowman desperately trying to be all emotional (What have they done to you, my poor friend?) which just isn't his forté as an actor.

Gwen is definitely at her all-time lowest quotient of annoying. She's quite badass on Miracle Day. Maybe RTD is waiting for us to start liking her & now he will kill her off? Nah, I sadly think Rhys - aka The 2nd Best Husband In The History of Mankind Right After Mr. Pond - is much more likely to joing Infinity and Beyond.

As for the new members of the Torchwood team. Well I think we all loved Vera. Of course she was killed off the worst way possible. Rex is an arrogant stupid asshole, still I don't care enough about him to hate him. That privilege I'll save for the Sleaze director of the American concentration overflow camp. I don't give a FUCK about him being scared or whatever. That man is exactly what is wrong with this world. Powerful Evil People would have no power if it weren't for scared, cruel cowards like him. I'm sorry, but this guy gets no compassion from me. Evil, vile, sadistic scared little man.

Esther is proving to be the most interesting character so far. Who didn't cheer when she strangled the crap out of Mr. Evil Sleaze? Now she'll even make a better man out of Rex.

The characters are more or less the reason I keep watching. To be honest I'm not really that interested about the story itself. It drags on. At the current lenght of the episodes, 5 episodes would be enough for this story, I think. The theme of governments being ready to sacrifice anything as long as the problem goes away has been thoroughly explored in the 3rd season. Been there, done that, move on.

I have to admit that though slow I still think the episodes are quite well written. All of the main actors are good...If there is a problem this season it's the direction and ...well for me, the concept itself. On the other hand, Miracle Day is still a damn good telly. It's not the old Torchwood, it's definitely more American but it's still good enough.

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  1. Noooooooo, they can't kill off Rhys :,(( Great review anyway, I do agree that I'm mostly watching it for the 2-3 characters I actually care about, though episode 5 was a marked improvement on the others so far (haven't seen episode 6 yet). I think I'll stick with it - it's better than The Event at least.