Monday, 22 August 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day; Immortal Sins (Episode 7) Review

Torchwood: Miracle Day keeps baffling me with each new epsiode. It makes me realize that even tho I enjoyed all previous 6 episodes of the latest Torchwood season, at least half of them were just useless. The character of Oswald Danes only a cheap, faux-controversial prop (which makes sense but is completely redundant), the overflow camps only a ploy to make us all feel sick from the state of the humanity. Do we really need that? We have news.

It turns out, that what Torchwood really boils down to, is a romance gone wrong. A Lover Spurned, as Marc Almond sings. Only Jack is only learning his lesson now. WE ARE ALL ANGELS Faux-controversial Prop said a while ago, to the thundering applause of the brainless masses - episode 7 finally let us meet the Angel, the maker of The Miracle: Angelo Colesanto, the Angel and all his saints. What a sweet innocent creature. He wanted to see the big world. Instead he met Jack, and it fucked him up. And in 84 years time he'll somehow fuck up the world. And Jack.

I liked this episode for the most part. I could've done without another depiction of the inherent cruelty of the Human race. Torchwood might be fighting the aliens but somehow it insists on telling us we might be even worse that the aliens we fight. But other than that, I liked the episode. I liked Jack and Gwen turning on each other, each fighting to survive. I liked seeing Rex and Esther act like a true Torchwood team. I liked seeing Nana Visitor.
And I sure as hell enjoyed me some man-on-man romance (could've done without the gay marriage PSA in church, tho). But most of all I loved seeing a period of more than several days covered in one episode...felt SO refreshing!

Time for some speculation. How did the Miracle happen? We're getting close to uncovering it. What scares me is that we still have 3 episodes left. At this point I'd prefer to have only one juicy, eventful episode left to watch. An episode, in which we'd find the remaining pieces of the puzzle, and which would send the Miracle straight to Hell.

Anyway. How did the Miracle happen? Agelo was no scientist, he must have had some help. Probably from the three suit-y guys (the name of the group now escapes me, bad Whovian!). Did he do it because he wanted to like Jack and live with him forever after (even though Jack seemed he was pretty done with the Angel after he left Jack die a hundred times at the hands of the Little Italia residents)? Or did he do it because he wanted to make Jack mortal? Were his intentions originally good? Or was he a lover spurned and wanted revenge on his ex?

See, this is what a truly good single episode can do you. It can make you genuinely care for the story. It raises questions. It makes you relize that the previous episodes only put you to sleep compared to this. Since 7 is my number I wonder if this was the high point of the series for me. Could it get better than Immortal Sins? Oh yes, it could. Episode 7 was not flawless. Will it get better? Now, that is the question.

P.S. Read Heather Hogan's recap of this episode. ;)

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