Thursday, 4 August 2011

Movie Meme

As seen on Cultural Snow's blog & originally (?) posted on Bookcrossing here's my Movie Meme:

1. Movie you love with a passion.

Breakfast on Pluto.

2. Movie you vow to never watch.

A Clockwork Orange. I read the book. It's great. But I really, really, really don't wanna watch the film. At all.

3. Movie that literally left you speechless.

Das Leben der Anderen.

4. Movie you always recommend.

After I watch a film I like I keep recommending it to anyone who'll listen but there isn't one specific film that I keep recommending to people.

5. Actor/actress you always watch, no matter how crappy the movie.

I'd say Johnny Depp but has he really done a crappy film yet? I'd say Hugh Grant but I haven't seen the last one. Ditto for Tom Hanks.

6. Actor/actress you don’t get the appeal for.

Robert De Niro. Yeah, he's good. But does he, in my opinion, deserve all that worship? Nope.

7. Actor/actress, living or dead, you’d love to meet.

Jimmy Stewart. I'm sure he'd be nice.

8. Sexiest actor/actress you’ve seen (+ picture).

One person? If I started to write the list now, I wouldn't be done by the end of the world (which is like in a couple of months but anyway...).



Yes, I am actually taking this very seriously.

9. Dream cast.

The TV Brideshead Revisited is pretty much the dream cast for the characters the way I imagined them while reading the novel. Three fucking times. No, am still not catholic. Not even getting there.

As films go...Love Actually has a pretty dreamy cast.

10. Favorite actor pairing.

All of the pairings I can think of are in the land of TV....
Yet in the land of film I just can only think of Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers. They were not only wonderfully compatible as dancers but as actors as well. You could see it right the first time they were together, in their few scenes in Flying down to Rio.

11. Favorite movie setting.

Anywhere that isn't real, preferably in history. or in Space. or England. or ancient Rome. or ancient Rome in England.

12. Favorite decade for movies

I don't have one. If I had to choose I'd go for 1930's.

13. Chick flick or action movie?


14. Hero, villain or anti-hero?

Anti-hero or The Queen.

15. Black and white or color?


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