Tuesday, 21 June 2011

What I Wish I'd Written about "Born This Way"

I've ended up never writing that song by song review of Lady GaGa's latest album. But I've just seen a Guardian user called "lotusblue" had written the following - and I pretty much agree w/ him.

Lady Gaga is someone pop needs badly. She makes great big slabs of mega dance pop and she knows what the hell she is doing. She polarises opinion and looks as barmy as a teapot from Mars. As all good pop stars should.
However, her latest album, goes too much in the direction of 18-30 nightmare club music for my liking. I know it is not aimed at me - a man old enough to know better - but I still think I know when an artist has peaked. This is it: the big commercial outing, an artist on top of her game. But the feeling is hollow. I predict that Lady Gaga will ditch the big beats on her next album and turn into Kate Bush. At least that is my fantasy.
'Born this way' just smacks too much of self concious anthemising. Like a wannabe Madonna - who did something similar with 'Express yourself'.
Gaga has turned into a kind of Bono in drag.HERE IS MY BIG MESSAGE!
'Don't be a drag just be a queen' - indeed!

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