Monday, 23 May 2011

Track by Track commentary : Kate Bush's "Director's Cut"

Without further's my brief commentary on Kate Bush's new album.

Flower of the Mountain doesn’t differ that much in sound but of course the lyrics are now written by James Joyce. They’re gonna take some getting used to (to be honest Kate’s own Joyce-inspired lyrics were good enough for me). The original version and this version are on about the same level for me, they’re both beautiful.
Song of Solomon definitely profits from a the reworking. It breaths better. Not 100% sure on all of the new vocals but that’s a minor niggle.
Lily. LOVE the new version. Never gonna listen to the old version again. This version feels more real and it makes me listen carefully. For some reason I never really cared what this song was about. It is – for a lack of a better word – fierce.
Deeper Understanding. I’d say I like the new version equally to the original – which is one of my favorites from The Sensual World. I don’t mind this version sounding very literal…but if I have on one complaint it’s the lenght of the track, the second half of the song sounds a bit like a leftover from Aerial (great album but a different album).
The Red Shoes is a definite improvement on the original (which I like a lot btw). This track is just so ALIVE. It’s in a trance. In plain language: it rocks.

In the case of This Woman’s Work I actually perefer the original to the new version. The new version is good too, but parts of fit just put me to sleep. Other parts „give me your…“ are quite beautiful tho.
Moments of Pleasure. Oh how many times has this song made me cry or at least misted my eyes a bit. I love the original version and I love the new version just as much. They’re diferent enough (the new one most notably keeping the chorus lyric-less) but the core of it is still a heartbreakingly beautiful song celebrating being alive. To paraphrase Neil Gaiman’s words: Alive; a big, complicated word. A word that becomes sad when it’s over.
Never Be Mine was never one of my favourite songs by Kate. Not sure this version has brought me to it either. It’s good but for me personally not on the same level as the rest of the album. Still the song definitely benefits from the new outfit.
Top of the City has always been a song I liked but man, is the new version MUCH better or what. It feels more organic & more passionate. Nails in flesh passionate. <= Definitely a good thing. :o)
And So Is Love. Another personal favourite from The Red Shoes Album. It doesn’t sound that much different to me…the feel of the record might be a bit warmer (analog vs. the original digital) & Kate’s voice is lower but I woudln’t say I prefer this version over the original one.
Rubberband Girl. Well my first reaction to this was „sounds weird…but good weird“. :o) I guess this first impression really says it all.

Favourite tracks: Lily, The Red Shoes, Moments of Pleasure, Top of the City & Rubberband Girl.