Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Songs of 2010

Heya, I put together a Top 25 of some of my fave songs of 2010. I'm pretty sure I forgot some. Also it's only one song per artist. :o)
Robyn – Dancing on My Own. The best stalkerish dance pop song ever? ;o)

Arcade Fire – We Used to Wait (followed by Month of May, Ready to Start, Modern Man, City with No Children and the rest of the album lol). This song simply takes me back to my internet & gadgets-less childhood in the 90’s...

Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light (followed by Fire with Fire and Sex and Violence). Have to admit that for me his song wasn’t an instant favourite but among this year's dance records it definitely stands out. Yet it has the potential to be more than just a hit.

Elton John & Leon Russell – If It Wasn’t For Bad. The Union is full of great music. This, the opening song, was love on first listen.

Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill. The whole Plastic Beach is great and it’s not easy to choose one song from it. In the end I’ll have to go w/ one of the shortest, poppiest and Damon Albarn sung ones.

Hurts – Sunday (followed by Better Than Love, Wonderful Life & Stay). Sunday couldn’t sound more like a Pet Shop Boys song if it tried (whatever the Hurts guys say…) but at least it makes up for the s*** (at least by PSB standard) that they released this year. „Together's amazing, together we're blazing…“, yeah right, Neil. ;o)

Robbie Williams & Gary Barlow – Shame. Might be MOR but the song rulez nevertheless for so many reasons. One of them beying Robbie’s lyrics.

Amanda Palmer feat. The Young Punx – Map of Tasmania. A catchy Bow Wow Wow-ish tune w/ lyrics supporting Dr. Miranda Bailey’s (Grey’s Anatomy) case of taking care of her down under using only water and soap.

Rufus Wainwright - Who Are You New York? Voice, piano & New York. Magical combination.

Macy Gray (feat. Velvet Revolver) – Kissed It. Macy going back to basics – a mix of disco, r’n’b and rock. And sex, of course.

Kylie Minogue – All The Lovers.This is such a great pop song. Neither the lyrics nor the production go in the way of its brilliant melody (catchy enough but not annyoing). And, well, Kylie is a sweetie. :o)

Kanye West – Runaway. An example of a brilliant song w/ some downright stupid lyrics. „I sent a girl a picture of my dick“ (well, good for you Kanye!) on the other hand they do help him show that the song’s chorus is defoinitely dedicated to himslef and others similarly impaired. „Let’s have a toast for the douchebags, let’s have a toast for the assholes.“ The truth is this little eegit is a musical genius.

Brandon Flowers – Magdalena. Now Brandon released a good album (Flamingo) on his own, slightly uneven but w/ plenty of good songs to choose from. But as this hasn’t been an easy year for me I choose the most upbeat from the album. Who cares it’s about a pilgrimage. It's a joyous song and catholics are cool people too! (Some of them.)

Cee Lo Green – Fuck You. Yes, this is ne of those songs which can become annoying after a while but I somehow always keep coming back to it anyway!

Antony and the Johnsons – Thank You For Your Love. Sublime, beautiful.

Marc Almond – Intro. Is it bad that from Marc’s latest album it’s the ukulele Intro I like the most?
Bryan Ferry – Heartache by Numbers. Co-written by the Scissor Sisters guys this is a standout good song on an album full of good songs. Its modern sound fits Ferry perfectly as do the lyrics. Ferry gives away an impression of a guy looking for love since his divorce 7 years ago. He does go to clubs and keeps dating younger girls but ultimately, at 65, it would be no surprise if he wanted to settle down for the second time. Seems to me his is probably the truest lyric he’s sung in a while.

Cherry Ghost – Black Fang (closely followed by Kissing Strangers). While The Divine Comedy’s latest album was slightly disappointing, another sonically similar music project caught my ear. This guy’s really good at coming up w/ killer melodies.

The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio. I have to confess I wasn’t so crazy about the whole album (High violet), maybe I would if I was a 40-year-old guy. ;o) But this song is undoubtedly one of the best if not the best song that came out this year. Great melody, the singer sounds like a proper man (deep, sexy voice). What more could I want...

Evelyn Evelyn – My Space. An album recorded by a fictional siemese twin couple is probably not for everyone but pop culture references in this song will probably make smile – and think - almost everyone. It’s got a cool tune, too. „You can’t always want what you get when you’re looking for love in a café on the internet.“

MGMT – Brian Eno. „He promised pretty worlds and all the silence I could dream of Brian Peter George St John Le Baptiste De La Salle Eno.“

The Tallest Man On Earth – King of Spain. What can me more amusing than a Swede sounding like Bob Dylan singing a catchy tune about wanting to be the king of a warmer country?

Take That – What Do You Want From Me? Yes, there are more inventive pop songs on the newly reunited Take That’s latest album (The Progress) but as much as I like Robbie Williams I have to choose this Mark Owen written & sung song. You can just feel that he means every syllable & note. This is the first time I actually feel touched by a song by a boyband.

The Avett Brothers – Kick Drum Heart. Who said country couldn’t sound cool? This song is uptempo, punk-rocky, fun.

Josh Ritter – Change of Time. Josh Ritter is my discovery of 2010. He’s been releasing albums for a while now but So Runs the World Away must be the best one yet. This album is meant to be listened to as a whole but songs like The Curse or Change of Time work very well on their own as well.

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