Wednesday, 24 February 2010

23-02-10 American Idol Top 24...Girls' Night

The Beatles were butchered two times on the American Idol's girls' night last night. Oh my.

So far this season seems to be just kinda boring. I mean, when I look back at Kradison's performances from Top 24 last year...they all may have played it safe but they definitely shone...even that early on they already possessed what I came to like about them. Especially Kris and his Man In The Mirror, which is still my favourite cover version of that particular song.

With the help of EW's Michael Slezak's recap/review and YouTube, let me write a few words about every performance.

Crystal Bowersox – I honestly can't imagine a way Crystal could make Alanis's Hand In My Pocket any more her own than she did last night. No idea. If she sounded like anyone else, then MAYBE like young Janis Joplin singing an Alanis Morissette song! I loved the performance... Hands down the best performance of last night. 90%

Didi Benami – great singing, a song I didn't know and I don't think I'll run to 7digital to buy... I wasn't a huge fan of her before and this performance definitely didn't make me love her but she was one of the few who actually sang and in her own way she sounded like she enjoyed it – and therefore so did I. 70%

Siobhan Magnus – great name, very interesting voice...not a bad performance at all. The song isn't really my cuppa but I have to say that even tho she didn't wear anything MGMT/Cyndi Lauper-y last night she still sounded like an 80's outsider highschool kid and I actually find that very refreshing.
P.S. She reminds me of The Breakfast Club's Allison... And that's a very good thing. :o)) 70%

Katelyn Epperly – I just didn't like this. a) Oh! Darling needs to be shouted, otherwise it just doesn't work – at least for me, b) Katelyn was off on a couple of notes, c) the way she was singing and moving was just so cheesy. She doesn't have a bad voice and you could find some good moments in there but for me personally not a very pleasant listen. 45%

Lilly Scott – I was wondering why anyone would choose Fixing A Hole for an American Idol debut live performance but as soon as Lilly got into the song I understood. She chose the song because she liked it and you could just hear it in her voice so well. Yay. As for the singing...she started off off-key but in the end she sounded great. Too bad she messed up the beginning. 75%

Michelle Delamor – not bad. Predictable choice of song but at least she could sing. I'd like to see what kind of songs she's gonna choose in the future – will she be able to take the judges' criticism (about being more creative in that department) to heart..? 60%

Katie Stevens – I don't know what it is, I just don't like this girl, especially when she sings. There's just something annoying about her. Also I don't like the facial expressions she makes while singing. She isn't a bad singer (except for last night) but there just isn't ANYthing interesting about her voice. And yeah, she didn't sound well at all last night. Singing Feeling Good at 17? Really? 40%

Janell Wheeler – unike some people I wans't hugely into her before this performance BUT I definitely heard her sing much better before. Interesting voice, her singing was all over the place, tho. 55%

Haeley Vaughn – hands down the worst Beatles' cover of the night. I know she was probably going for something in the direction of Across The Universe's version of I Want to Hold Your Hand but unlike T.V. Carpio she doesn't posses such a beautiful clear voice or even the ability to stay in tune. She's cute but listening to her is a bit of a torture. 25%

Ashley Rodriguez – jeezes. You know, it means something if a performance makes me wanna listen to the original by Leona Lewis (whose ability to convey emotion is hiding somewhere deep down below zero...I call her Leona Iceberg). Ashley's vocals could be easily described by the lyrics of the Happy song she sang: she sings "take me out of here" and I believe her (and I pray someone will do so soon), she follows it up by "I can't stand by your side" and I don't doubt her. What a mleh performance. 10%

Paige Miles – after reading Michael's review I expected something way way worse. She probably wasn't in tune the whole time but she rocked... There was this energy in her performance...the evening went kinda downhill from there - in the energy department. She had the perfect mix of spark and listenability. I guess there's something wrong with Michael's ears...or mine. Dunno. :o)
That being written, I wouldn't buy her CD or long all day to listen to her but I think she definitely delivered one of the better performances. 70%

Lacey Brown – I really like her. Ooh, and I love her hair...but her singing was the worst of the night - even worse than Haeley's - who doesn't seem to actually hear she's off-key. Lacey was nervous or at least that's what I heard in her vocal and I think she could hear she didn't sound well – and that made her even more nervous. :-( 20%

This is the first time I've looked up all preformances from one particular American Idol night and I have to say the lift off wasn't very exciting. I get more well sung notes and "artistry" when I go to Orla Gartland's YouTube channel... ;o)