Sunday, 20 December 2009

2009 Film Surprises

There have been many films this year that I thoroughly enjoyed but in some cases I just didn't expect I would like them so much.


I first got to know about Duncan Jones's feature film debut early in 2009 but only had the (legal) opportunity to see it when I bought the DVD in November. I was expecting all kinds of good plus thanks to Twitter I got to know more about Duncan himself (he replied to me TWICE, btw! lol). So because of Duncan and all the hard work he put into the project (directing, promoting...) and because of all the positive reactions I was hoping I would end up likig Moon.
But even after all this I actually was surprised - blown away even - by the film. Sam Rockwell is literally starring in this picture...I've never been a huge fan of his but he won me over - especially after seeing the documentaries about filming Moon.

My recommendation: go buy Moon on DVD/Blu-ray because not only the film, also all the bonus features are more than just worth it.

One of the DVD extras is actually Dancan's first film - 30 minutes long Whistle (financed by his granny) which is a clear indication the world of film has got a huge talent in Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones. I can't wait for his next projects.

Star Trek

Having friends who are HUGE Star Trek fans I always knew a little bit about it (my love for Spock has been going on for many years!) and I saw a few episodes (those with Patrick Stewart) and even one film (the one with Iman) but until I read all those rave reviews about the newest, 11th Star Trek film, I was quite in the safe zone as far as Trek goes. ;o) This film singlehandedly made me a bit of a Trekkie.

Must be my favourite blockbuster type of film ever (so far seen it only 4 times...). Why is it a surprise? Because in the months before the film was released no-one was really sure how it would turn out - even with JJ Abrams directing.
I personally hadn't seen one episode of Lost, nor had I seen Zachary Quinto in Heroes - therefore I didn't know what to expect, on the other hand I also didn't have any "baggage" and went to the cinema hoping people on the interenet didn't lie and the film actually was good.
Good, man. Might be the only 2009 film that would get 100% rating from me. It actually feels really good to enjo a big budget film for once. You get the feeling that all the money that went to it was absolutely worth it.

The Damned United

Could I like a film about football? I could, actually - or at least I found out I could a few weeks ago when I finally saw this film starring Michael Sheen and Timothy Spall.
A) tho a film about a football coach, there isn't too much football in it.
B) Michael Sheen. One of my favourite actors has done it again. He's one of the few who can make you forget you are watching a film with your favourite actor and instead pull you right into the story - and he manages to do all that while playing real life characters, sometimes the guys are still alive. He's just amazing and so very under-rated.
C) Timothy Spall. Oscar nomination, suckers!


Doubt and Changeling were two other films (nominated for Oscar 2009) I liked more than I expected but technically they were 2008 films so I decided not to include them here. On the other hand, I think they deserve a mention.
State of Play was another film I LOVED this year but I fully expected I'd love it. I enjoy watching oldfashioned thrillers, moreso if they include Russel Crowe (American Gangster, The Insider).
The Boat That Rocked (Pirate Radio in the US)simply put rocked even on the paper and what I saw in the cinema didn't disappoint in the least.


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