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Adam Lambert: For Your Entertainment **Review**

Here he is, for our entertainment. Adam Lambert rose like Phoenix from the ashes of American Idol. Wow, second sentence of Adam Lambert's review and I already managed to sneak in the title of Kris Allen's bonus song. I'm sure the other part of Kradam won't mind, tho. ;o)

Adam Lambert. I didn't fall for his voice or singing ability (although I respect both) or his sex-appeal (which for me is kind of non-existent), it was his personality..."edgy with a smile" attitude, his ariculate manner of speaking. It happened when I saw his Idolatory interview with Michael Slezak for EW. Can't decide if it was the moment he defended/explained his version of Ring of Fire (which, btw, is still my fave AI performance of Adam's.....Adam should thank Clay Aiken for pointing it to me in his blog lol) or if it was the moment he explained where he got his outfit for his number with Kiss. Anyway, after this interview I knew I wanted to get to know and like this guy.

Adam's music faves include Muse, David Bowie... (both of whom he very well covered on the AI tour this summer); on the other hand he also likes Queen and Lady GaGa...that's why I was slightly worried what would his brilliant album combining rock, pop, dance, glam, electronic and-what-have-you sound like in the end. I tried to keep my hopes real down so I wouldn't be disappointed.

So, after hearing the stream of the whole thing a couple of times over he past week, am I disappointed?

Not really.

I didn't think a song that didn't make it on P!nk's album would actually be good. I was also surprised to like a Lady GaGa song. I like her visual stuff but her music...not really. I listened to a snippet of one song and didn't hear anything special but when I heard the whole thing I fell in love. (as Michael Slezak wrote in his Kris Allen review: can’t judge a song by its leak.) I was really nervous about Muse giving their beautiful, brilliant demo to Adam and when I heard the final version I was more than just relieved.

On the other hand, there are songs that just annoy me and songs that I don't care about at all.

For Your Entertainment is such a mix of popular music genres that almost anyone will find their "thing" on it but it also means that unless you are a Glambert and really into your man, you probably won't really LOVE the *whole* album.

Or at least that's the way it is with me.

I won't get too deep into what I don't like about the album, I wanna really share my thoughts on the good stuff but let me just say this: the album gets better when it gets full-on crazy or out-of-this-world. The music, that is; I'm not talking about the cover. It HAS grown on me but I still wish the cover of For Your Entertainment single would be the cover of the album. But I digress.
There are not-so-original and slightly yawn pop moments: the title single (tried really hard but I just don't enjoy it) or Strut. The former sounds like a Britney reject, the latter like one of Rihanna's songs. Nothing against these ladies but I don't dig their musical style (Rihanna's latest single being an exeption).
The song that annoys me is Sleepwalker. This, of course, is a very subjective feeling. I'm not saying it's not a good song. I like it up until we get to the chorus - and the guitar later on doesn't help at all. Or the fact that it sounds too much like other Ryan Tedder co-written songs. Kill meh.
Aftermath is sadly kind of too ordinary to be on an Adam Lambert album (tho *cough* co-written by the man himslef). It's not bad, just ordinary and the only thing that makes it not TOO ordinary is Adam's delivery and voice.

Songs that make my little heart relieved and happy?

Music Again. I could do without the guitar solo (sorry, Justin) but can't remeber what other song's snippet made me sing "You make me wanna listen to music again." for like the past month. So Yeah. A-
Then here we have the songs that I really like a lot but when I heard their snippets I wasn't that taken: Whataya Want From Me and Fever. The first one has the P!nk/Max Martin sound to it, it could be a huge radio hit. The latter song is just so fun to listen to...I seem to like Lady GaGa's songs when performed by someone else... (preferably Christopher Walken). In the verses Adam sounds like he just had a stroke and it's just SO good. lol
I mentioned being pleasantly surprised by Adam's version of Muse's Soaked. Not only it's as good as the demo, the final polished production didn't take away anything from the beauty of this song. Thank you, producer, whoever you are.
Another pleasant suprise would be Linda Perry's A Loaded Smile. The snippet of this song didn't sound anything special but I'm blown away by the whole song. Linda, I love you. I also really like the production on this song. So well done, has this out-of-this-world sound to it.
The closing track - Broken Open - has a similar feel to it. This one's gonna have to grow on me, tho. I'm willing to give it a chance, I think it deserves it.

My last mention: Pick U Up. Tho I hate the "U" in the title (call me old fashioned) the It's not the most original song and it does remind me of Cher for some reason but the verses aren't dull or annoying, the chorus is an old-school torch song melody in its core and the bridge is just simply *in Kara DioGuardi voice* GOOD. After listening to the album a few times this song wins so far.

Final verdict:

Is For Your Entertainment a good pop album worth an international music star? - Yes.

Is this the most original thing in the last 20 years? - No.

Will people who liked Adam the Rocker like it? - If they like modern pop music, they might. ;o)

Is this album flawless? - By far not.

Should we judge it by the first single? - Please, don't.

For Your Entertainment isn't exctly my kind of pop. I like my pop smart, funny & weird: Lily Allen, Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams, Mika... What do I know, maybe I'll find some hidden jokes in it as time will go by. But what I hear is by far not bad. Fans of Lady GaGa or P!nk could totally enjoy it. Sonically I'd go as far and say if you enjoy P!nk (I do!), you could like this album quite a lot.


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