Monday, 28 September 2009

Silly Lily

So...I felt proud of my Lily Allen for fuelling the file-sharing issue. And then I felt embarrased and disappointed in her when I got to know that her very interesting blog that had a few good points I agreed with turned out to be a copy and paste from another blog.
That kind of pissed me off. What also pissed me off that since then her main stance seems to be just strong straight file-sharing is bad. period. - which it didn't seem to be quite that simple in that original blog (or original...).
Either it's that Lily's always seen it this simple (well, the blog and the points in it were't really from her head, were they) OR she's been forced into this attitude by all the file-sharing fans/file-shares who disagree with her.

Whichever the case...I still like my Lily. Bitching about everything. Hell I love Elton John - even though sometimes I'd like to kick his butt and slap his mouth for the things he says.
Both Lily "Fuck You Elton" Allen and Elton "I could still snort you under the table" John are talented artists, smart people with mouths sometimes quicker than brains and who have a habit of behaving like children - tantrums in Elton's case and feeling all wronged etc on Lily's side. Yet I still respect them for their art and can't help but admire the bitchy part of themselves a little as well. At least when you talk bullshit, do it in style.

But I liked that blog entry, it was at least something. I liked her setting up the It's Not Alright blog where the other quite succesfull musicians could share their simple music industry views with the readers. But after it became public knowledge Lily in fact didn't come up with the original arguments, how on Earth is she surprised people (me) don't really feel like discussing any more. How can I take your crusade against illegal downloading seriously when you, Lily, copy someone without quoting them? Would it fucking hurt you?

Sorry, I'm just a pissed off college student who, btw studies information science, and have to accordingly quote every source I ever use when I write a paper. The same should apply for a blog if you use a text you haven't written.
You can get kicked out from college for copying someone else's work, Lily. But how could you know, right.

To sum it up I still respect Lily as an artist and entertainer, I buy her records and tickets to see her shows. I won't start burning her CD's. But even tho I know she's a smart lady, just like me ;o) from now on I just can't take her opinions seriously...because if you preach about thieving and then do almost the same thing, sorry, but you are just plain stupid however high your IQ is.

I guess I dunno...if there are not money involved stealing doesn't count?

One day, I might finally write that blog about file-sharing. So far from all the celebs who spoke out on the issue I agree with Stephen Fry the most. Because he uses his own smart fucking brain and doesn't see everything in black and white.
Listen to his iTunes Live Festival speech here


P.S. Looking forward to seeing Lily in Prague next month. The venue is overpriced and has bad acoustics - from what I've read. Maybe choosing a less luxurious venue could be a better move next time. Many of Lily's Czech fans say they can't afford the tickets. x

P.P.S. The best open letter ever: Dan Bull - Dear Lily

P.P.P.S. Good luck with your acting career, Lily. xxx

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