Friday, 18 September 2009

Muse - The Resistance ** Review **

So I got the album yesterday. I listened to the whole album once. And pultiple times to some of its songs. Now I'm listening to it for the second time - and as I'm listening I'm gonna comment on each of the tracks separately.

Before I start; First impression from The Resistance: More opera than rock...too much Queen, edges not sharp enough but overall I forgive a lot because the piano is beautiful and it's still Muse, it still sounds like them and it's good. :o)

Uprising - a grower. When I first heard it, it reminded me of Franz Ferdinand's "Shopping for Blood" (the verses at least). Now I'm not quite sure where I heard the similarity (the bass?) but it sure as hell ain't Supermassive Black Hole Part 2 as one Czech reviewer stated. Grow a pair....of ears, man!
Uprising is hot, sexy and makes you dance and sing along even tho the lyrics are kinda pre-apocalyptic rebellion kind of thing(again...Matt could find a new theme one of these days) - namely Orwell's 1984. I love this song but Bowie's "We Are The Dead" or "Big Brother" still tower over it as songs inspired by 1984 (not that they can be compared musically).

Resistance - Love at first listen. Even tho the intro/intermezzo (piano to a dance-y beat) reminds me of that kind of annoying dance music I never listen to. :o) The "could be wrong" bit sounded an inch too catchy and OTT when I listened to the pre-views on iTunes but it works well with the whole song. My favourite bit is the chorus - especially the second time. Beautiful tune (there's this nagging in my head I've heard it before in some form but whatever...).

Undisclosed Desires - an example of less rock more electronica song. Not really my cup of tea. But when the "reconcile" bit and backing vocals come on, I start to get used to this song and even like it. Plus the tune is good - again.

United States of Eurasia/Collateral Damage - and the Queen strikes again... to make it clear, no, I don't like Queen/Freddie. Years ago I did have a period I listened to some best-of thing of theirs and you can see me clapping and singing along to "We Will Rock You" or "We Are The Champions" from time to time but mostly I'm just allergic to Freddie's voice and May's guitar. So this song sounding SOOO fucking much like Queen = not a good thing. the "sia - sia - sia" bit is so over-the-top and Queen-y I can't help but laugh listening to it (all the while thinking about murdering someone).
On the other hand the oriental-inspired strings/paino "riff" is great. (Yeah, so far Aida is my favourite opera.).
Collateral Damage is a good nap song... (I love the sound of piano, I do.)
P.S. The opening piano chords are VERY similar to the opening chords of Coldplay's "Amsterdam". Just sayin'.

Guiding Light starts off very 80's. But it's got a great tune (again) and overall, it's an OK song. I predict it'll grow on me and it'll become one of my Muse favourites.

Unnatural Selection fucking ORGAN? One Coldplay mention surely should be enough in a review of a MUSE album. Thankfully the song then takes off. Think I'm gonna have to listen to it a few more times to make up my mind: if the song's just OK or pretty good. So far it sounds the most Muse-y on the album - like it could be in any other Muse album, basically.

MK Ultra is an OK song but when you listen closely...there are a few great details that pull it above (Muse) average.

I Belong to You/Mon Cœur S'Ouvre a Ta Voix is a song that MIKA might have written - at least partly. Now I hear you all the rockers scream in pain. Sorry.
Another of my faves on the album. And the Samson and Delilah part was quite well stolen, Matt!

And now we get to the bit I was scared of the most.A rock symphony? Fuck off!


Exogenesis became the nicest surprise of the whole album. If only for this three tracks the album is worth a purchase.
The Overture does remind me of so far my fave Muse song "Ruled By Secrecy" in some parts but I don't mind a bit. Not a bit.
Cross-Pollination does nothing to spoil the wonderfulness of the Overture but the best comes with Redemtion. When I listened to the album yesterday for the first time it completely caught my attention and kept me captivated till the very last note. Fucking beautiful. Thank you, guys. And no, I don't mind the instrumental part sounds a bit like somethinng Phillip Glass might have written. It's beautiful and that's all that counts. x

Summary? In the context of Muse albums I still like Absolution the best but though not the most original thing in the world, this album still rates better than most of today's musical production. So there ya go.


P.S. It is a conceptual kind of album (see interviews & articles to the release of The Resistance)'s so obvious I failed to mention it......

P.P.S. The artwork is outstanding. Especially the covers of the two opportunity to view this lovely retro artwork in all its glory.
If you have the 60 pounds, the limited edition is strongly recommended anyway. x

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