Thursday, 17 September 2009

District 9 **Review**

My two cents:

District 9 is unquestionably an original and interesting film. It's sad and raw but it's also good. Wouldn't say, tho, that it's completely my cup of tea...there could have been less action for my taste - on the other hand it's true that all the action made sense.
What I liked about it the best is that it looked real. Which is usually my problem with some expensive Hollywood sci-fi productions: you don't really see the money invested in all the computer trickery/or it looks too expensive (if you know what I mean...?)
Yeah, the sense that you really are there, it's happening's not some far dreamed up future, it's just a slightly different parallel universe - that really is a strenght of this film. (It kinda reminds me of the feeling I had watching Children of Men.)
The pseudo-documentary narrative frame and the fact the whole thing was set in Johannesburg (its slums) - and never really left it, that again make you forget you're not watching a times at least.
There was nothing too-much, even the action was more or less justified. All components introduced were carried through and some of the illogical behaviour of the characters wasn't as much bad writing as actuall a pretty good writing: showing people (or even aliens) don't always know what to do and how to do it when something unexpected is happening to them and they're under a lot of stress.

All in all...and exeptional and good film that, even tho sci-fi, feels real but not exactly something that's melted my heart much. (if I don't cry while watching a film...that really means something! lol)


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