Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Holiday Movie Blog

Second part of my holiday blog is here. And this one is all about the films I saw while on the holiday in Slovakia with my lovely friends.

Walk The Line. I finally saw it and I loved it. Joaquin Phoenix rocked the screen (Johnny Cash, that was a really good choice of an actor to play you. well done!) and Reese Witherspoon totally deserved the Oscar. But most of all...the music was just genius! Coming from a person who has a slight allergy to country music...I guess it means something. ;) Phoenix's voice = hottt and Witherspoon's vocals were actually better than June Carter's.
Getting this one on DVD so my mum can watch it sure she's gonna love it. :)

Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The first ever Star Trek film should be called "Star Trek: We Stare Together" because that's exatly what most of the film consists of: the actors STARING - not starring at all. The only actor who actually acted in it was Mr. Nimoy (surprise surprise). The special effects of the late 70's were so beautifuly cute and retro. But there isn't a story worth talking about and the acting...just bad! William Shatner, you are one giant disappoinment in that film. Terrible. Tho, Kirk telling Spock he wanted him was kinda hot. lol

The Reader. Be prepared for a rant. I really, really liked the film. All of the actors...great. I would have liked if they didn't speak with German accents but then I guess this way it was easier for David Kross, so I'll just overlook that detail.
I didn't understand one minor thing in the film and so I took to IMDb message board as soon as I came back to my dear laptop. I shouldn't have done that!
I really don't know where to start. I'm used to the usual trolls/kids/idiots who post topics like "Kate Winslet's boobs look bad", I can even understand that there are some people who don't know that in the 50's it wasn't that common for women to shave their armpits. But at some point you just have to get pissed off at the ignorance of those using that message board.
The Reader very obviously isn't a blockbuster aimed at everybody. One would assume that those who decide to see this film do so expecting something that doesn't really fit into our usual "box" (unless you do it because you wanna see Kate Winslet naked...which I do understand tho...she's just SO beautiful).
That's why the posts saying Hanna was an "evil molester" piss me off WAY more than any of the downright stupid ones.
There is this thing called Internet that you obviously use everyday. This thing called Internet allows you to look up almost anything. If you only used your brain to come up with the right questions...but you don't seem to be able to do that, you just jump to simple black and white conclusions.
Well, first of all. It was most probably illegal for a 30-something woman to have sex with a 15 year-old boy. I guess it's currently illegal in the U.S. (judging from the posts) but guess what, the U.S. of A. ain't the World. In our country it's completely legal these days. 15 and older? Fuck away...with whomever you want (heterosexual intercourse and homosexual intercourse are on the same level). See? Not as simple. exhausted and I haven't said half of what I wanted to. I'm rubbish at rants. lol

Another one. Not saying Hanna wasn't guilty BUT saying she's evil is just...dunno, some of those posts just made me so scared of our future as a mankind. (I know it sounds cheesy.) If so many people think like this - and they do and always have - we're truly fucked.
Nothing is simple. You can't take anything as balck or white. Arguments saying Hanna knew what she was getting herself into, she knew it was bad. Did she really? She was illiterate. She lived in a time where so many German people sympathised with the Nazis. For crying out loud, I always remember Ingmar Bergman writing in his memoirs that they, the Swedes, didn't know, or didn't believe what was happening in the concentration camps until they saw the pictures after the war. It's not like everyobody knew! If they didn't want people to know, they took damn good care people wouldn't know!
Just like my mother said. In Czechoslowakia in the late 40's and in the 50's ordinary people thought the political prizoners (Milada Horakova would be the best known of them) truly were the traitors of the state. Yeah, now we know the truth (probably) but back then?

This could go on and on...and I'm sorry for the rambling just had to get out.

What is the connection between education, knowing what's right and what's wrong and guilt? I think that's what's this film was about. And so many people got it wrong. Of course I'm not saying my interpretation is the only right one (I wish it was, tho ;) ), I just wish people were able to watch a film and take to account where and when it takes place...what it was like at that time etc before jumping to conclusions. OK, I get it...I want too much.
But people who take for granted whatever an authority tells them is right or wrong... are exactly those people who are then easiest to be swayed by...well...someone like Hitler.
If you follow my thoughts, you noticed that the circle's complete now and I'm gonna finish my rant here.

No Country For Old Men. We watched this after our fabulous trip to the waterfall valley and well...the film WAS good, esp. the oneliners. But I couldn't help myself. I fell asleep and have no fucking idea what happened in the last 15 minutes. Actually, the ones who stayed awake (the other two I watched this with) have no fucking idea either. I guess anyone who's seen this gem knows what I'm talking about. :)

I tried to watch Dune. But ridiculously young Kyle MacLachlan or even Patrick Stewart couldn't sustain my attention. I gave it 30 minutes but couldn't watch any longer.

The Da Vinci Code. A very nice surprise. I never went to see it in the cinema because of the mixed reviews...but I actually read the book a few years ago. It keeped me entertainted while reading it but left me empty. I forgave some simplifications this movie had to make compared to the book but you know what? I probably liked it better than Angels and Demons. A&D had Ewan McGregor in a frock BUT The Code had Ian McKellen. And Ian rocked a character that I didn't really remember being that interesting or entertaining in the book. What an actor he is...Tom Hanks may have the ability to play in a coplete shit and make it watcheable but Sir Ian has the ability to make the shit look and smell good all the while looking like he doesn't take it or himself too seriously. Good job.
I liked the pacing of The Da Vinci Code...I liked that it wasn't action driven (there was actually too much happening for me in Angels and Demons...too much illogical bull, that is), Audrey Tatou was an equal partner to Tom Hanks and the music by Zimmer sometimes made you forget the story had too many coincidences in it. :) "Chevaliers de Sangreal" is a beautiful piece music - at least to my ears.
So even tho the film lasts almost 3 hours, I don't regret a second I spent with it.

Mama Mia! My second time seeing it. This time I actually sang along (usually alone as the other don't know the lyrics...gosh, I'm such a dork!). We had a GREAT laugh watching it - but again, Meryl stole my heart singing "The Winner Takes It All" - there's nothing funny about that performance. It's beautiful. <3 you Meryl! xxx

The Matrix. Watching The Matrix on a lazy early afternoon. Well, why not. It's such a classic nowadays. And it still works. Why oh why did they have to film the two follow-ups?!
The original Matrix had a story, it had a concept, an interesting idea. It was smart. And the fight sequences made sense.
And it had naked Keanu.
Oh gosh, those were the days...Keanu Reeves without the beard.

City of Ember. I think I've seen a review saying something like "what exactly was the point of this film?". Anyone? I'd like to know it too. Who was it aimed at? WTF?
Saoirse Ronan was great tho. What a great talent this girl is. Good luck with her career. I'd love to see her in more films in the years to come!

I might blog more of these film commentaries in the future...I actually had fun writing this. Hope you had some fun reading it. ;)