Saturday, 11 July 2009

A Michael Jackson Rant

I am just about fed up with it.

"With what?" you may ask...with seeing Jackson's name in every fucking sentence on every fucking web site.
I'm just reading an article about Brandon Flowers. If Jackson were still alive I'm SURE no-one would even DREAM of comparing the two of them. At least no-one did so, as far as I rememer, in the many years The Killers have been around and MJ more or less alive.

Michale Jackson was a good musician and entertainer. He's dead now. Deal with it.
Giving him the praise he deserves, that's fine with me. But he wasn't a god, he wasn't Dr. King...he was a very weird person I've always respected but never been a huge fan of.
That's why now I'm just fucking tired of reading about his drying brain, every pill he's ever swallowed or seeing him referenced in articles about artists that haven't that much in common with him (Adam Lambert - might be. Brandon Flowers? More Bryan Ferry than Jackson, really...including all the shyness and OTT-ness, fashion sense etc.)

I honestly can't wait till all this shit dies out.

Jacko, you might be resting in peace now (and I'm happy for you if you are) - you deserve it but what about us?

Us who don't really need to know about every hair on your balding skalp. At times like these, I pretty much hate the media...force-feeding us something we don't really wanna know.

All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us. ?

Nah, what do I really wanna say.

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