Sunday, 24 May 2009

How It All Began...

A lil 90's nostalgia's overcome me...a long long time ago, before I started to be a music the time when I wasn't interested in music at all, I had to do this English project on my favourite band.
Well, I didn't have one. So I looked around what the other peeps liked, peeked into the magazines and then I knew one thing. I wouldn't do my project about some silly boyband!

Girls were so much better. English girls - great. And girls who were really sassy and funny and sang a few good songs? Hell yeah!

So I did my English project on Spice Girls....later on I got the Spice World album and I kept on listening to it on and on...

And so began - slowly but steadily - my craziness about (popular) music.

There was a song on that Spice World album that was quite unlike the rest...mostly high energy power pop songs. It was a sad song and it was a song that I remember even today some 12 or so years later.

Viva Forever - Video of The Week on

Back then I didn't have access to music videos so this actually is my first time seeing this video...and it's not bad! 8-)

And a bonus for my blog readers:

I now recall loving this song to bits. I actually like it again! :o)

Well, I never became a huge fan of the Girls...but I think in some way they've been more important for my late music buff self than I'd ever imagine to admit.
It was YouTube that gave me the opportunity to watch the Spice World film about a month ago that made me realize that.
You know what? The film is actually hilarously good. You just can't take it seriously (obviously - duh!).
And then I was surprised that the songs weren't bad at all. No, they weren't and I'm ready to stand by this statement. :o)

Looking at the girl bands of today...I just don't see the kind of fun anymore.
Girls Aloud may have a great production team (not to my ears but that's another story) but where are the personalities?
Sugababes (always loved their singles) - good music but the girls keep on coming and going.
The Pussycat Dolls? There's the lead singer...pretty...mediocre voice...and... yup, that's all.

Spice Girls, you definitely deserve more credit from me. I apologize for letting you stand aside in my vast discography. You don't deserve that. You were good.
And please, don't try another comeback. VB can't sing.
But you sure deserve a better place in my music collection. Your cassette shouldn't be burried deep in the closet.
I'm coming out now. Yes, it's possible to love Jack White, Leonard Cohen, Kate Bush ... and Spice Girls at the same time.

Being OUT does feel good.