Tuesday, 30 December 2008

LSS 6 Round-up

And the winner of the sixth round of LSS is:

A red letter day

When the Bilingual round started I had no idea which song would eventually win. Bilingual doesn't have an opus magnum of Being Boring format or a cult song like Can you forgive her and it's not hugely popular even with the fans.
I personally was very surprised in the best possible way that To step aside made it to the finals, didn't think it would win anyway.

I really don't know what to write about A red letter day. It's a nice song, very nice. But I don't really listen to it that often...To step aside, Up against it or Matamorphosis definitely get more "airplay" in my iPod.

Pet thoughts: Chris doesn't like the production. He thinks that "the song's better than the record". Neil likes it and thinks that it has "a funny quality" - particularly the out-of-tune choir. And yeah, btw, the song was nicked from Beethoven's Song of Joy (EU's anthem) in case you haven't noticed... Apparently it's one of Elton John's favourite PSB songs and originally it should have been more about gay rights than it ended up to be eventually.

I'd really like to know what all of you like so much about it, what does it mean to you etc. I'm genuenly curious. And what is a 'red letter' anyway?


"I think that "red letter" makes reference to the way the holidays are written in the Orthodox Church`s calendar: with red letters. I don`t know the rule for the Catholic confession. So, "A red letter day" could mean "a day of celebration"." by corina_m (thanx, Corina!)

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