Tuesday, 30 December 2008

LSS 5 Round-up

And the winner of the fifth round of LSS is:

Can You Forgive Her?

I'm personally not a bit surprised that this song won.
But what is it that makes this song a favourite of so many fans?

The unusual tune with a "sneaky quality to it", the lyrics that were "intended to be funny" and seem "to sum up the Pet Shop Boys" or the wonderful video with those famous orange costumes and pointy hats?
Perhaps all of it...some of the fans would identify with the lyrics (about a gay boy who's girlfriend knows he's gay but who at this point really doesn't want to know she knows), the camp ones just love the costumes and don't miss any opportunity to show their home-made versions of pointy hats in public and the geeks would endlessly discuss which version is better: the album one, the swing one (I'm in!) or the Nightlife tour one...

Can You Forgive Her? isn't such an opus magnum of The PSB - as were Left To My Own Devices and Being Boring but it's got this kind of playfulness that makes many fans imitate Neil's video/stage gestures everytime they hear this song...
Though the topic of this song isn't that much hilarious, the song comes across as a lot of fun and therefore represents the whole album called Very very, very well.

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