Tuesday, 30 December 2008

LSS 4 Round-up

The winner of the fourth round of LSS is:

Being Boring

This time I won't give you any essay of mine, nope.
I'm just gonna give you a link to an article that most of you already know, I guess, and those who don't should go and read it.
Despite the fact that the duel between This Must Be The Place... and Being Boring was very tight, it's Being Boring and not the other song that has its OWN internet site.
It's a song that means a lot to a lot of different people and I think that in this song anyone can find something that speaks directly to them.
It's simply one of the best songs (and I mean songs, not singles *wink, Neil!*) of the 20th century, one that might quote others but doesn't borrow (or steal) from other songs (like Left To My Own Devices did).

So, enjoy this wonderful site:

and the essay written by Tom Hocknell:

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